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Found 2 results

  1. Dsutt

    R240 - plane on one engine?

    Hello all! I will be purchasing a new boat in the next year or so and really have my eye on an R240 with twin F150's. Can any current owners with this set up confirm if it will plane on one engine? I like the thought of that in an emergency situation, say of one engine went down and there was a summer storm fast approaching. Any thoughts?
  2. tytime

    R242 - F300 Mounting Height

    Hey All, In the process of breaking in my F300 on my R242. I've been operating the motor through all ranges and finding where she like to run. Usually settle in around 4200-4300 rpm running 32 mph. Now that I'm nearing 20 hrs I've been looking to see where the WOT will go up to. One thing I have noticed is that my WOT will only go up to 5400, it hit 5500 a few times for just a few seconds running about 43 mph. This is usually with 60-70% fuel load and 2 people on board in relatively calm water. My prop is a 17 pitch. Wanted to see what WOT others were getting. I was expecting to be in the 5600-6000 range. Has anyone experimented raising the motor up a peg or two or tried a different pitch prop or 4 blade prop? I was thinking about raising the motor up one spot. Looking at the AV plate while running it seems there is a lot of water running over it. (See picture below) Currently I can move the motor two spots up or down one.