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Found 3 results

  1. Dsutt

    R240 - plane on one engine?

    Hello all! I will be purchasing a new boat in the next year or so and really have my eye on an R240 with twin F150's. Can any current owners with this set up confirm if it will plane on one engine? I like the thought of that in an emergency situation, say of one engine went down and there was a summer storm fast approaching. Any thoughts?
  2. Hello All... Fitting a New Toilet to my New Robalo R240. Raw Water Intake and Thru Hull discharge. My question is, where is the best place to position the intake and discharge? I see where I want to put them (under the helm, either side of the Vee. However, I’m not sure where these positions are in relation to the outside. Where I live, there are no other Robalo’s, so I’m in the dark as to where the best location to drill. I don’t want to end up with multiple mistakes and holes, and don’t want to run the pipes all the way to the stern... Any advice would be most welcome - Thx
  3. I have been looking at two used 2006 Robalo R240’s. They both have from 300 to 400 hours on the engines and are at the same boat dealer. I love this boats layout and the one I’m interested in is very clean. However, I’m concerned that when I walk on their decks I hear a slight cracking or creaking noise. I don’t see any real flex in the boat. I don’t know if this is a defect or is this normal since both boats sound the same? Are there any R240 owners out there that can tell me if this is normal or should I not even think about buying one of these boats?