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Found 3 results

  1. Anyone having issues filling the tank with Fuel? On my 2018 R222, and my previous 2016 R180 every 3-5 seconds the fuel pump stops thinking it's full of fuel. I have to do that over and over for about 30 minutes to fill the tank. Sounds like vent issues. Anyone else have this going on?
  2. jmm

    R235 Fuel Tank

    Hi, I suspect the fuel tank on my 2005 R235 is leaking. I am getting approx 1 liter per hour into my forward bilge with the tank half full. Unfortunately I live in a very remote area in Far North Queensland, Australia and support is very hard to come by. Does anyone have any ideas on where I can find exact dimensions so I can start getting one fabricated? Also, any ideas on how the fuel tank was installed? I am guessing it is surrounded by foam? How is it supported? Any information on the installation would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, John Murray
  3. I Just purchased a 1977 Robolo 19 ft center consol. The fuel tank has sludge in it and will need repair or replacement. The hatch over the fuel tank is soft, I can feel thru the tank guage access hole that there is separated plywood under it. some questions: 1) I intend to remove the hatch over the fuel tank and repair it. How is the supporting plywood attached to the hatch? 2) Any idea how big the fuel tank might be? I need to figure out if I can clean it up in boat or need to remove it. Were these tanks steel, aluminum or poly? 3) The coast guard capacity plate is unreadable due to saltwater corrosion. How can I replace it? (where do I get a replacement?) Thanks for any help. I think this will be a nice boat once the kinks are ironed out. Bob
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