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Found 4 results

  1. MarkMG

    R227 Head Light

    I have a 2008 R227 that the head light is not getting power. I have removed it and there is no power coming to the unit. The radio and the vacuum pump switch for the toilet are in the same location and they are receiving power. I have checked everywhere I can for a fuse with no luck. I am unable to locate any wiring diagram for this boat. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. weakfish

    R160 Wiring Question

    Has anyone gotten their hands on a control panel/bus wiring diagram for the R160? The older diagrams (non-R160) on the Robalo website are not helpful. I’ve begun to have a few electrical issues I’d like to resolve on my own if possible, given my dealer is 2 hrs away. I have a 2018 R160. Problems include: 12V accessory plug not working, bilge pump light not working (bilge pump still works), starboard nav light not working. I can probably fix these without the diagram but it drives me nuts not knowing how the wiring actually works. For example, why does the bilge pump ground wire and 12 V accessory plug ground wire connect to each other and only to each other? What is the Accy switch actually for? Is there a spare port on the bus for this? I installed a Garmin, lighted compass and marine radio last year and everything works fine but frankly I just connected these to the main bus terminals. Is this really the best way? Robalo just refers me to my dealer.
  3. strkrace86

    Wiring Schmetic

    Does anyone know where I could find a wiring schmetic (I own a 2016 R180)? My manual just says its on the following pages but that is the last page. Also I am mounting a transom transducer, anyone mount one or know where the dealers run the wire? If I can find a way to get it into the boat without drilling a hole that would be much preferred.
  4. EricB

    VHF Installation

    Just Purchased a R207 and I am looking for some information on how to hook my iCom M412 to function off of one of my free switches, but looking under the console there seems to be wires in those spots. So I wnated to see if someone could help me out with this. I also have two batteries, a crossover switch and looks like two busbars. Thanks