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Found 3 results

  1. Oldnertenacious

    Garmin VHF 100

    I am experiencing issues with the Garmin VHF 100. The VHF was purchased new in October 2015 when installed by the dealer. The issue seems to be associated with the squelch button. I can set the squelch and at times the radio works fine. The next moment, all incoming calls are blocked. The SWR ratio was measured at 1.4. Has anyone had issues with a Garmin 100? Thanks JO
  2. I just took delivery of my 2016 R207DC on Thursday and I was looking for a couple of tips or suggestions. 1-Suggestion for location to mount the Fire Extinguisher? 2-Does anyone recommend some hooks in the Ski locker to hold the Stern Mast Light, I don't like it in the gunwale rod holders as this uses one space for a rod. 3-Fixed VHF, although I am not going offshore anytime soon, I do want one, any tips or pics of a suitable location? Any pics or suggestions would be great especially because I don't want to regret where I put screws. Thanks
  3. EricB

    VHF Installation

    Just Purchased a R207 and I am looking for some information on how to hook my iCom M412 to function off of one of my free switches, but looking under the console there seems to be wires in those spots. So I wnated to see if someone could help me out with this. I also have two batteries, a crossover switch and looks like two busbars. Thanks