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Found 14 results

  1. Matt_P

    Vent on bow of R227?

    I have tried searching and I can't figure out what is the purpose of the vent on the starboard side of the bow. I reached my hand in the anchor locker to see if I could feel it and all I felt was some wiring, which I assume is for the navigation lights. I circled the vent with red in the attached picture. Anyone know the purpose of this vent?
  2. I am looking to buy a spotlight that I can plug in at the helm. Anyone know the power rating on cigarette lighter outlet that is at the helm?
  3. jmar31

    Total Weight of 2017 R227

    Hi there, New owner of a new 2017 R227. Extremely excited to get her out on the sea. We got her mounted with the Yamaha 250, and using a dual Axel tacker. Does anyone know what the total weight be? We're looking to tow it a short distance behind a 2015 4Runner, which has a max towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. Robalo says the R227 is 3,700 with the 200HP.
  4. Chesapeake Bay/Eastern Shore Boaters, I'm about to purchase a 2017 R227. I do most of my boating on the Miles River and up around Wye Island. I would like to use the R227 to go into the Eastern Bay and up to Kent Narrows. Anyone have any thoughts/experience with the following: 1. How will the R227 handle the chop of the Eastern Bay (from the Miles to Kent Narrows)? 2. Is a 200 hp motor enough for cruising (non-fisherman) in the Miles/Eastern Bay? Thanks, Gary
  5. Tony

    Best Prop For 2016 R227DC

    I purchases a 2016 R227 DC w Yamaha 250 4 stroke mechanical. Love the boat and digital gauges but it feels like it rides nose high and best speed are 45-47 indicated on digital gauges ICW NC. Forgot to check GPS. Just cruising to restaurants so far but will use for skiing / tubing on lake in summer. Any advice on the best all around prop? Running Stainless 17 that came w boat. Any idea why is it riding so nose high on all different weights? Would appreciate any advice. Tony Holden Beach / Raleigh NC
  6. Tangler

    R227 ETEC G2

    I just purchased a new R227 with a ETEC G2 250. I love the boat. For those of you with the ETEC or Yamaha 250. What # hole is your motor mounted on? I have a lot of bow rise when I am at full throttle and the motor looks like it is sitting very low in the water. I am thinking it needs to be mounted on one of the lower holes.
  7. So this summer, I finally got my first boat. I have been around boats my whole life. For the past 5 years, I have been patiently waiting/looking for the right opportunity. I bought a 2014 R227 and could not be happier. However, now begins the time to get it up to speed with what it has been missing. It did not come with a VHF radio so I bought a Garmin 200. But I could use some advice on what antenna to pair it with, the length (4' or 8') and where do you put it on the boat. I assume starboard side near the windshield, but looking for advice. I intend to go as far as 20 miles offshore (with the right conditions) if that is important for antenna length. Any advice would be appreciated!
  8. LBRobalo

    Cracks under 30 hours

    New to owning my own boat. Just purchased a new R227 at the beginning of the summer. Unfortunately the experience has not been great and now (with under 30 hours on the boat) I am starting to see cracks appearing in both the floor and up the rear molding by the rod storage on the port side. All the experienced boat owners I know say this is WAY to early to be seeing any cracks, hairline or not. I have attached some pictures to get opinions. I need to shrink the images considerably in order to upload but I would be more than willing to share all of the full size images. Thanks!
  9. smithgotsurf

    Prop size for R227 with F200XB

    To others who own a R227 with the F200XB: what prop are you running? I bought my R227 used (only 97 hours) from up north from a non Robalo dealer. I'm beginning to wonder if they put the right prop on the boat. It is a Yamaha Reliance 14 1/2 x 15. I've only been out on the boat once so far and it was loaded down with family (3 kids + 4 adults), full tank of gas (~100 gal), coolers, chairs, etc. Not really ideal conditions for testing performance but we were just super excited to get out to the beach :). My first impression of my boat I would describe as slow, heavy, and a super smooth ride. However, my only comparison is to my Dad's 18' Stingray :).
  10. smithgotsurf

    Hull ID Question

    I have a two part question on the Hull ID. My hull id starts with "ROBL...". I'm not 100% sure what the next character is. It's either an "O" (upper case letter o) or "0" (zero). To me it looks like a 0 (zero). 1. Which is it? A "O" or a "0"? 2. What, if any, do different parts of the hull id mean? My hull id is either: ROBLO103F415 or ROBL0103F415. I'm guess the "15" is because it's a 2015. 103 and F4 I'm just curious what they mean. Thanks!
  11. guybball

    Adding a Vacuflush to a R227

    I am looking to purchase a used R227. All of the R227s that I have looked at do not have a Vacuflush. Does anyone know if I can add a Vacuflush to a R227 or does that need to be done at build of the boat. I look forward to hearing back from the Robalo community
  12. Here is what I have learned, Robalo released an R207 in September with plans to give it a "national price". The R227 was slated for a remodel, presumably because the LOA between the R207 (LOA 20' 7")and R227 (LOA 21' 6") was a mere 11 inches, leaving a 2' 6" gap between the R227 and R247 (LOA 24'). The R227 to receive a "national price" tag also. Well, the 2013s are showing up on boat trader and dealer web pages advertising "all new" and LOAs between 22 and 23 feet, making them better situated between the R227 and R247. The "national price" looks ok too at just under XXX. Be careful though, XXX buys the boat with a small 150 hp Yamaha. However, what is the rest of the story? No one seems to know. I am told they also "lightened up the boat". How? Less glass? Thinner parts? Smaller tanks? How much was it lightened? 500 pounds? 1000 pounds? The 2012 weighed in at 3950 pounds, making it well powered with a 250 and adequate with a 200 following the 100hp per 2000lbs rule. My math says a 150 is situated for just 3000 pounds??? Surely it didn't lighten up 25% at the same time it stretched 6 to 18 inches??? I am confused! I was, and think I still am, itching to have one of these boats this coming show season! However, I want the rigid, weighty, well powered and long running boat I found the 2012 R227 to be, and I am worried about the new model. Who can tell me what has happened to my number one pick for the upcoming purchase? Anxious in Atlanta . . . . . . .
  13. Hello all, I am planning to buy a boat this spring, and believe after exhaustive research it's going to end up being a Robalo boat. I will be a first time owner of a boat, but have been on the water at the Jersey shore on everything from skiffs to deep sea fishing vessels since I was a boy (let's say for now I'm in my 40s :-) I have a family of 5 (including myself) and we've decided to make a boat purchase to enhance our love of the water and fishing at the Jersey shore, which is where we will be using the boat primarily. I have narrowed it down to the R222 and R227. My son, who is 11, has really started to enjoy fishing. My wife and younger daughters will likely fish less and be more into cruising and eventually I'm sure all the kids will get into tubing, water skiing, etc. Price wise, the 2 boats I'm comparing will largely come in around the same with the amenities I care about, so I'm trying to figure out form over function...I think the R227 is the better boat for my wife and daughters, but it seems to lack some of the fishing amenities that would allow us to really go out and do a day of fishing (for example the dual console doesn't seem to really have places for rods that are over 8 feet long). Since the R222 is a new entry, I was wondering if anyone had any opinions one way or the other on these boats for what will likely be a 50/50 split between fishing and cruising/leisure. They are both really wonderful boats. There is a boat show in Atlantic City, NJ in February, and Waterfront Marine will be there representing the Robalo line. While it is not my intention to buy the boat at the show, I will be seeing both boats side by side for the first time and wanted to have any other experiences you can share to further help me in my decision. I think ALL boats look pretty sweet when they are brand new, but that doesn't help you after the sale in terms of quality of the components, integrity of the hull, things that don't reveal themselves while sitting on the showroom floor...on paper, the boats are largely the same. The differences seem to be in their respective layouts on deck... I'm happy to be here and hope to gain some insights from those of you who have experience with either of these. Thank you very much, GG
  14. brion.blais

    R227 Dash/Helm Dimensions

    Hello all I am looking for some information regarding the size of the chartplotter (blank area) on the R227 dash/helm; specifically I am considering purchasing the Lowrance HDS-7 Gen2 and want to make sure I can flush mount it on the dash of a R227 (on order). Right now there is a pretty good rebate for the HDS-7 w/structure scan, but I would need to purchase it before I actually receive my boat. That said there are some other considerations regarding the HDS-7: 1) Is there a predesignated area for a shoot-thru hull transducer (i.e. the 50/200 or 83/200) or would I need to sink the cash and get a thru-hull with a 20 degree offset like the Airmar B60? 2) Is there a good location on the transom for the structure scan skimmer transducer? Does anyone have a skimmer installed with any success there? I would like to stay away from the boarding ladder... Thanks in advance for any insight! Brion