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Found 14 results

  1. Wyndy

    Gunnel road holders

    I have been an engineer for 40 years and I cannot understand this. I have trouble putting fishing rods in the gunnel rod holders so I took them apart. I found that the factory hacksaws the insert down to about 10 inches long on the front set and down to 3 or 4 inches long in the stern. There is plenty of room to leave them long and even a molded fiberglass flange to support the end of the sleeve. There is a high probability of snagging the speaker wires or the LED wires with the fishing rod guides. Besides the damage to the rod guides themselves. Maybe Joe Balo knows the reason! I would rather install full length sleeves myself. 2018 R207.
  2. Uh60

    Water coming into r207

    I have a 2016 r207 and this last weekend notice that the bilge pump is kicking on every 45 minutes - hour and draining the bilge. I cannot locate where the water is coming in at that boat was just sitting at the dock. the dealer told me it is normal to have some water coming into the boat but I have owned a few different boats and the bilges on all those seen to stay dry. anyone else have this problem and what should I check.
  3. jjbeau

    no power to helm electronics

    I have a 2014 r207. A friend tried to help me get my boat set up after winter. He connected the ground battery wire to the positive post. I corrected that but now i am not getting power to any of the electronics in the helm nor does the bilge work. Motor starts and runs fine as well as motor related gauges. Help!
  4. I have a 2014 R207 with factory installed dual batteries and have a question on the battery switch. In the Owner’s manual page 3-2 has the following: If the switch is in the: “OFF” position then only Bilge pump, CO detector and Stereo memory has power. “#1” Position uses only number 1 battery “#2” Position uses only number 2 battery “ALL” Position uses both batteries It continues on to say that: The “#1” position will use battery 1 power but will charge both batteries when engine is running. The “#2” position uses battery 2 they recommend this setting for using power when the engine is not running. The “All” position they don’t recommend using at all.. So…. Yesterday I went to the marina lowered and started the engine with the battery switch in the “OFF” position. ( I forgot to turn it on) Now I am very confused on what the battery switch is doing? I did check and with the switch in the off position none of the other things worked like the lights, GPS, horn etc.. So my questions are: Does anyone else have this situation? Is the battery charging if the engine is running and the switch is set to “OFF”? Most importantly how do I check this all out? Thanks for your help… Jim K..
  5. Tlgunner

    R207 Owner/Operator Manual

    Does anyone know where i can get my hands on a 2013 R207 Owner's Manual on-line??
  6. FullThrottle

    R207 water drainage

    I noticed too much water is getting into the bilge on my R207. Found out the storage areas under the chairs drain directly into the bilge (no simple way to redesign that) and that water is leaking into the center storage due to the lack of gaskets around the hinges and the latch (see picture). I plan to put some gasket tape there (2 inch wide by 1/4 thick). Figured I'd ask what others have done before trying the tape.
  7. matt_illy

    New Member - 2013 R207

    Just bought a 2013 r207 with a Yamaha 150. I use it in the Northern Chesapeake, Bohemia, Sassafrass, Elk and Susquehanna river areas. I have mostly used it for wakeboarding, skiing and tubing with the family so far but am looking forward to switching over to fishing now that the weather is changing. It does a great job at pulling all 225 lbs of me right out of the water on the wakeboard. We had the ski tow bar installed and it does a great job of keeping the line out of the water. It's also a really convenient grab bar when climbing up the ladder on the stern. I have had a few minor electrical issues that my dealer was great about addressing. My gas gauge started reading empty all the time, my horn blew out and my radio would turn on and off irregularly. My dealer just replaced all of them immediately and at no cost obviously. Other than that, I have had no issues. Overall, I am really happy. I did add a stabilizer to the outboard and it pops right up on plane without losing any top end speed(top end is 43 mph). It also really helps with porpoising when following or going against the tide and when crossing other people's wakes. I like the heaviness of the boat. It feels a lot more stable and seaworthy than most of the 20 footers I've been on. There is lots of convenient storage and the seating is comfortable. I noticed for 2014 that Robalo upgraded the seats with the fold-up leaning bolsters and an extra set of cleats in the middle instead of just the two each fore and aft. I had my dealer install an additional set of cleats amidships for spring lines and for a solid place to attach bumpers at the dock. The bolster seat would be nice as I hardly ever sit in the captains chair, I usually just stand. My last boat was a 22' Baja with the 454 that cracked the 60mph mark even in chop. With my new boat, I was nervous about whether the Yammy 150 would be beefy enough to satisfy me. I'm sure I could put an High Output Evinrude 200 on there and get well into the 50's, but 43 mph is plenty for what we want to do with a family fishing/skiing boat and the engine is quiet, efficient and reliable so far. Looking back, I have no regrets about the choice of motor. I think it is perfect for the boat. Good luck and happy boating to everyone. Glad to be here.
  8. Here is what I have learned, Robalo released an R207 in September with plans to give it a "national price". The R227 was slated for a remodel, presumably because the LOA between the R207 (LOA 20' 7")and R227 (LOA 21' 6") was a mere 11 inches, leaving a 2' 6" gap between the R227 and R247 (LOA 24'). The R227 to receive a "national price" tag also. Well, the 2013s are showing up on boat trader and dealer web pages advertising "all new" and LOAs between 22 and 23 feet, making them better situated between the R227 and R247. The "national price" looks ok too at just under XXX. Be careful though, XXX buys the boat with a small 150 hp Yamaha. However, what is the rest of the story? No one seems to know. I am told they also "lightened up the boat". How? Less glass? Thinner parts? Smaller tanks? How much was it lightened? 500 pounds? 1000 pounds? The 2012 weighed in at 3950 pounds, making it well powered with a 250 and adequate with a 200 following the 100hp per 2000lbs rule. My math says a 150 is situated for just 3000 pounds??? Surely it didn't lighten up 25% at the same time it stretched 6 to 18 inches??? I am confused! I was, and think I still am, itching to have one of these boats this coming show season! However, I want the rigid, weighty, well powered and long running boat I found the 2012 R227 to be, and I am worried about the new model. Who can tell me what has happened to my number one pick for the upcoming purchase? Anxious in Atlanta . . . . . . .
  9. OK OK I know its HULL not HOLE - coffee has not kicked in yet this AM...cant believe I did that and Robalo wont let me fix the title - but anyway... Anyone have success doing this? I am thinking about a Humminbird puck transducer to help with high speed depth tracking issues but the requirement is as follows "Hull must be of single-layer, fiberglass construction and be free of trapped air or voids" Not sure if there is core, kevlar or other matls that would make this fail. Much more attractive alternative that drilling a 1" hold through the bottom of the boat.... Matt
  10. EricB

    VHF Installation

    Just Purchased a R207 and I am looking for some information on how to hook my iCom M412 to function off of one of my free switches, but looking under the console there seems to be wires in those spots. So I wnated to see if someone could help me out with this. I also have two batteries, a crossover switch and looks like two busbars. Thanks
  11. Robalo Web Team

    Boattest.com R207

  12. Robalo Web Team

    Boattest.com R207

    Boattest.com R207 http://www.boattest.com/boats/boat_video.aspx?ID=2787
  13. Robalo Web Team

    Boattest.com The NEW R207

    Boattest.com Captain's Report http://www.boattest.com/boats/boat_video.aspx?ID=2787
  14. Robalo Web Team

    The New R207

    Check out the new R207! Enjoy!