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Found 5 results

  1. Bought our R180 5 weeks ago and it already has a chip in the hull caused by the trailer fender. Spoke to my dealer and they said they have had multiple R180's come in with this issue and it is caused by the fenders when the boat is being loaded onto the trailer. The fenders have to be out of the water which would mean that you have to drag all 3,000 lbs of the boat onto the bunks. To me that seems like a giant pain in the you know what. I have been around boats my entire life and I have never seen or heard of a bunk trailer with this situation. You would think that a trailer made exclusiv
  2. William

    R180 Trailer

    Hi. Any R180 owner can help me to understand there questions about trailer. I'm planning buy new one, so mostly it is 2021 model. 1. Does R180 trailer come with brake? 2. Is this brake E-brake or Surge brake? 3. I'm buying truck for R180 tow, does this truck need have trailer brake controller or not? Thanks for your helping. William
  3. Matt_P

    R227 Trailer

    Just picked up a new R227 and I am in the market for a trailer for a R227. Anyone have a recommendation for a trailer that works well with a R227?
  4. For those who are having issues with their Coyote trailers: a manager from Coyote (Lee Money) has been showing up on the Robola Boat Owners Group on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1711553655771436/ Some facebook users have reported that Lee provided great help resolving their issues (Lee even posted his number on the group!). So things seem to be moving to the good direction.
  5. Any one have pics of their trailer set up for a 2013 247 DC ? I just purchased the trailer and may need to adjust the bunks. I'm curious what spacing others have used. Thanks Mark
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