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Found 11 results

  1. My deposit was paid months ago. Multiple delivery dates provided to me have past and I am still standing on the pier. My boat is at the dealership, but the outboard is in the twilight zone. Robalo blames Yamaha. The dealer is the last guy in the line and claims to know only what Robalo tells him. Meanwhile, Robalo retail customers, all of us would-be boaters, wait day-after-day, month-after-month as delivery-dates and revised delivery-dates come and go without receiving our boat/outboard/trailer. I have waited years to own a Robalo, and I really, really want my new boat, but I am tir
  2. My 2021 Robalo 202 Explorer was supposed to go on the assembly line April 29, 2021 and arrive at the dealership on/about May 3, 2021. Despite repeated delivery revisions during May and June from Dealers Choice Marine in Orlando, FL, and updates from a Robalo representative, today (June 28, 2021) I was advised by Robalo that information provided to Robalo AND the dealership by Yamaha can be inaccurate and unreliable. After multiple follow ups with Robalo and my dealership throughout May and June, today, I was advised of a new, SHIPPING DATE of July 19 for my outboard. Who knows when it will act
  3. Good afternoon to all... I’m currently in the market for replacement coaming pads for my 2005 Robalo R260. While I haven’t had much luck in finding any online, I know having my current pads reupholstered is an option. In either case, I’ll have to remove the pads and currently don’t know how to do that. Any help in offering an explanation and/or avenues to explore for replacement pads would be greatly appreciated. Hope everyone is staying safe during these times and happy boating.
  4. I have a 2014 R200 's with a 70 gal tank. At the beginning of the season I had 195 hours. I now have 213 hours. The gas gauge reads 1/2 tank, it seemed to stop going down. I put in 15 gal and it didn't go up. Any help and suggestions to troubleshoot and repair would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. breel22


    Anybody running an R305 with Yamaha 350s that can give me there honest opinion, I would greatly appreciate it? Performance, flywheel issue?, any other issues positive or negative??
  6. I purchased a Robalo 22 Caymen from Bob Hewes in Miami, FL Last November. Since I had the boat I have had multiple issues including almost sinking. I have already filed one warranty claim and I am in the process of filing another warranty claim now. My first claim had to do with shotty workmanship on the bait wells and seals around the compartments. The hose came off in mid travel and filled the inner compartment with water. I just made it back to my dock before sinking. The warranty covered the repairs but no one would guarantee or tell me what will happen to my boat when the salt water
  7. Anyone have a high res robalo logo?
  8. Looking to get some information from someone who has repowered an older robalo R2660 (I have an 89) with 4 stroke engines. Boat sits heavy in the back wondering how the weight difference impacted it. Any information would be great.
  9. Hi, just purchased a 1998 Robalo 19.2 feet, there was another drainage hole above where you plug the boat before going out on the water, that was recently covered. Whats the best thing to do leave it covered or drill it out and install the brass flapping system? Please help. Not sure why someone would cover it.
  10. Just bought a 2013 r207 with a Yamaha 150. I use it in the Northern Chesapeake, Bohemia, Sassafrass, Elk and Susquehanna river areas. I have mostly used it for wakeboarding, skiing and tubing with the family so far but am looking forward to switching over to fishing now that the weather is changing. It does a great job at pulling all 225 lbs of me right out of the water on the wakeboard. We had the ski tow bar installed and it does a great job of keeping the line out of the water. It's also a really convenient grab bar when climbing up the ladder on the stern. I have had a few minor elect
  11. I bought 2008 R225 and trying to figure out where the bilge water is coming in from??? I noticed that there is a hole straight below where the aft access panel (for the batteries, pump, water tank, etc...) where the water is moving back and forth. where is the water from the hole coming from? I will take a pic after work today...
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