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Found 21 results

  1. Bought our R180 5 weeks ago and it already has a chip in the hull caused by the trailer fender. Spoke to my dealer and they said they have had multiple R180's come in with this issue and it is caused by the fenders when the boat is being loaded onto the trailer. The fenders have to be out of the water which would mean that you have to drag all 3,000 lbs of the boat onto the bunks. To me that seems like a giant pain in the you know what. I have been around boats my entire life and I have never seen or heard of a bunk trailer with this situation. You would think that a trailer made exclusiv
  2. William

    R180 Trailer

    Hi. Any R180 owner can help me to understand there questions about trailer. I'm planning buy new one, so mostly it is 2021 model. 1. Does R180 trailer come with brake? 2. Is this brake E-brake or Surge brake? 3. I'm buying truck for R180 tow, does this truck need have trailer brake controller or not? Thanks for your helping. William
  3. Hi, i recently bought a 2012 R180 and noted that (i) in general the washdown hose is very weak (even with when i turn off the livewell switch), which i can live with that, but (ii) when the boat is in cruise speed the livewell/washdown stops working- which is a major issue for me as I use the boat mostly for fishing I'm not sure those are design issues or if I have some clog/debris inside the raw water system- I haven't been able to pop the livewell pump open yet, but i am considering adding an external scoop strainer like the Groco SC-1000 to improve the water flow when running.
  4. Hi Everyone, just wanted to introduce myself and ask for general input from those who have been around longer than I. I am up in the Boston, MA area and just purchased my first saltwater boat, a Robalo R180 with the 115 Yamaha. My intention is mostly to hit a combination of local lakes and inshore/nearshore with a few occasional weather permitting treks offshore. I will be using it for fishing and family cruising with my wife and two little boys, 2 and 5 years old. Thanks in advance for any general advice!
  5. I'm getting ready to order a R180 and need the folding windshield as the boat has to be in the garage per HOA, anyone have any experience/comments, good or bad with the folding windshield?
  6. Searching for that rare, garage-kept R180 having both the fold-down windshield and 150 Yamaha. I have a family of 5 and we love fishing nearshore Southern California. Six months of research and boat shows, it seems like the R180 is a perfect fit for our needs. Our HOA won't let us park a boat anywhere except the garage. Luckily we have a 3-car garage with a tandem bay free. Need to fit it in my 82" tall garage, so will likely also have to modify the trailer unless it's already on a Continental like bboy's Willing to consider picking up from anywhere in the Continental US-
  7. Minnus

    Trim tab help

    Hi all, I've been boating for years now but just got my first boat. It's a 2018 R 180. The family and I are loving it but being a small boat there's a lot of movement and the inlet I go through often gets pretty choppy. I'm looking to put electric trim tabs on her and I'd like to do the work myself. First, ladder clearance? The 9"x12"s look like they'll be tight. Robalo used 6"x12"s but they're special order and expensive. Would 9"x12"s work on the 180? Could they get damaged or worse damage some toes climbing the ladder? Or should I just get the small 4"x12"s Second, the transom is
  8. Hi everyone. I am planning to buy a 2020 R180 really soon. I want to know the exact height that it has when the windshield if fold down when the boat is on the trailer? (for garage purposes) For a unknown reason, it's one of the only boat that Robalo doesn't show the trailer data in the specs.(with windshield folding option) Thanks Dominic
  9. I want to install a bow-mounted trolling motor on the R180 (2015). What's the distance from the top of the bow to the waterline? Is there a good trolling motor that you would recommend for this boat?
  10. I am deciding whether to get a 150hp or 115hp on an R180 I am in the process of ordering. I am pretty frugal so definitely like the idea of saving money on both engine and fuel with the 115hp. But of course more power can be pretty cool too. There is plenty of information out there on 115hp performance. Can anyone share their experiences with the 150hp ... fuel economy and speed at cruising as well as an idea of top speed? Thanks!
  11. I'm looking into the R180 for my first boat. I want a T-top with it wired for a trolling motor. I intend to use it for the bay and Gulf of Mexico for fishing. It will mostly be myself and two middle aged kids. At times maybe 3 - 4 adults. My questions are: Is the 115 engine sufficient or should I get the 150 and why? Are trim tabs actually needed? How important is the duel battery? I truly appreciate any advise .
  12. I bought a R180 new last year and plan on adding some additional items to the boat and would like some feedback, either just brainstorming or from experience. First off I would like to add a trolling motor on the bow and would like some thoughts on shaft length, thrust, mounting, and battery placement. The next thing is that I would like to add is a T Top. I have the Yamaha 115 and was wondering if the boat is affected by the T Top as far as performance goes. Also any advice for aftermarket T Tops?
  13. I purchased a R180 a month ago and I love it. We have had it out on the big lakes of northern Michigan including Lake Michigan and it handles everything from glass up to 4 foot chop we ran into on a windy day. The only things that make no sense to me and if anyone has any ideas on how to correct the issues I am open to DIY solutions. 1. The rear compartments under the jump seat are not sealed and I constantly have water down there. Anyone have any ideas on how to waterproof these hatches? 2. I have read multiple forums concerning the console leaking and standing water in the
  14. Has any one changed the 2 aft cabin drains on there late model (2013, 2014 or 2015) R180 or R200 to the 2016 style? The ones in my 2013 Robalo R200 are annoying because they don't drain the water effectively and the drain cap is high than the floor so the debris just collects around the drain. See image attached for better explanation. I am in the process of replacing the drains now, but it requires drilling a larger hole (3") in the floor so the new drain will sit flush. I found the 2016 style drains online at Caroline Boat Outfitters for $19 each. http://www.carolinaboato
  15. Has anyone mounter outriggers on the canvas T-top? I have been doing some research and it looks like i can either mount onto the gunwales or have someone weld in some bases and mount the controls. I have also seen some tigress clamp on holders that can mount to the t-top but worry about the strength. Also along a similar not where are you guys mounting the VHF antenna? I want to place it on the T-top to keep the sides clear.
  16. I am having issues with my Bimini top shaking side to side when in the closed position (middle and rear arms secured) while underway. When I first got the boat the top was very secure but now it seems the press fitted balls at the end of the tubes that lock into the clasps seem to have loosened. It doesn't appear these can be tightened.... looking for feedback on this issue. I don't like to fold the top down because it does not lay flat and it can damage the gelcoat. If anyone has the same problem and has come up with a fix, let me know.
  17. I am a brand new owner of the 2012 R180 Center Console and had a question about propellers. I'm looking to upgrade from the stock white aluminum prop to stainless steel. I have the 115 Yamaha 4-stroke. Does anyone know the size/pitch of the stock prop, and what is the recommended upgrade size/pitch for this setup. I have the boat fairly loaded every time we take it out whether its family or me and 2 or 3 guys headed offshore for a fishing trip. I tried to use the prop finder on the yamaha website but they don't have the R180 in the system yet. Any help is appreciated.
  18. I'm looking into purchasing my first saltwater fishing boat and have basically settled on the Robalo R180 (if I can make it fit into my garage). The dealer nearest to me is several hundreds of miles away, so looking at it first-hand is a bit tough. Buying the boat is one thing but paying for monthly storage or a boat slip is something else.I would like to trailer the boat and store it in my garage. I know the center console windscreen and rail are too tall when on the trailer to fit through the garage door--they will have to be removed prior to rolling through the door. How easily can the wind
  19. R180 (2014/2015) Does anyone know what the load ratings are of the circuit breakers in the console switch panels? Thanks.
  20. I have an R180, 2012. I just took the cover off it for the season and hooked up the battery. Like a bonehead I hooked up the terminal reversed. Then I switched them to the right positions and now I have all the accessories working, but I nothing with the engine. No instrument gauges when I turn on the ignition, nor do I have any power at the engine to trim the engine. I am sure I popped a fuse or breaker. Can anyone offer me a little help? Rich
  21. http://www.boattest.com/boats/boat_video.aspx?SubID=2391&ID=2673
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