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Found 4 results

  1. Good afternoon to all... I’m currently in the market for replacement coaming pads for my 2005 Robalo R260. While I haven’t had much luck in finding any online, I know having my current pads reupholstered is an option. In either case, I’ll have to remove the pads and currently don’t know how to do that. Any help in offering an explanation and/or avenues to explore for replacement pads would be greatly appreciated. Hope everyone is staying safe during these times and happy boating.
  2. I have an R260 and am embarrassed to admit this. Have owned the boat for five years and have no idea how to use the wash down hose, fresh or raw water? The dealership rushed through the orientation and didn't cover this issue. I have a hose and know that there is an option for Fresh or Raw, but do not know what panel switches or manual valves, or hook ups I need to manipulate to use the function. I am on salt water and would like to use fresh water, while out. Any advice from the community would be appreciated. Regards, PK
  3. Does any vary from Robalo (R260-2012) can supply me a drawing or schematic of the Aft Folding Seat Assembly. How is tied to the back. Mine is getting off the wall and I need to repair. .
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