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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, i recently bought a 2012 R180 and noted that (i) in general the washdown hose is very weak (even with when i turn off the livewell switch), which i can live with that, but (ii) when the boat is in cruise speed the livewell/washdown stops working- which is a major issue for me as I use the boat mostly for fishing I'm not sure those are design issues or if I have some clog/debris inside the raw water system- I haven't been able to pop the livewell pump open yet, but i am considering adding an external scoop strainer like the Groco SC-1000 to improve the water flow when running.
  2. I have a 2014 R200 's with a 70 gal tank. At the beginning of the season I had 195 hours. I now have 213 hours. The gas gauge reads 1/2 tank, it seemed to stop going down. I put in 15 gal and it didn't go up. Any help and suggestions to troubleshoot and repair would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Happy New Year Everyone! Santa Brought a new pair of Binoculars to use on my boat (2013 R200 with T-top). Binoculars are fairly Large- They are from West Marine (Coastal 200 7x50). Curious to hear if anyone has found a secure, out of the way- but accessible spot to store their Binoculars? I am looking at some of the Simple Binocular holders that I could mount or put on the helm in front of the windscreen. I would like to hear what others have done to keep their binoculars out the way, secure from falling but still accessible when you want to grab them quickly? If it helps I'll be
  4. I am Looking for recommendations for a handheld spotlight for my R200. I mostly fish inshore <2miles out. I would like to have one on the boat for Safety purposes in case i get into a jam. LED and rechargeable would be best? Just in case i'm missing something...The boat came with a handheld spotlight that had a 12V male cigarette lighter style plug on it. There is not a Female 12V plug on the boat so i'm not sure how or if the previous owner used it. I recently purchased a 2013 R200- I could not be happier. This forum is very helpful to me as this is my first boat. Thank
  5. Has anyone fed the cable from the transducer to the console on a R200? Thanks for any help. Ron
  6. RonaldH

    Prop Talk

    Has anyone played with various props on a R200 with a Yamaha F200?
  7. Has anyone installed a windlass on an R200? I've been looking at the Lewmar Pro Sport 550 with a Mantus anchor and bow roller. The dimensions look as though this combo will fit off center of the anchor locker to the starboard side with just enough fall for the rode. I've never owned a boat with a windlass or installed one so I'm very cautious about cutting holes in my boat. However, I am an avid do it yourselfer and prefer not to have someone else make this installation for me. Any help or feedback is greatly appreciated. Mantus Anchor Bow Roller.pdf cad-Pro-sport Template.pdf
  8. Has any one changed the 2 aft cabin drains on there late model (2013, 2014 or 2015) R180 or R200 to the 2016 style? The ones in my 2013 Robalo R200 are annoying because they don't drain the water effectively and the drain cap is high than the floor so the debris just collects around the drain. See image attached for better explanation. I am in the process of replacing the drains now, but it requires drilling a larger hole (3") in the floor so the new drain will sit flush. I found the 2016 style drains online at Caroline Boat Outfitters for $19 each. http://www.carolinaboato
  9. I have a 2016 R200 and my nav lights won't come on, bow or stern. When i press the fuse next to the switch, it seems to trip. Anyone have this issue? I know it is under warranty but I am hoping its a quick fix.
  10. In preparation to replacing the transom and fuel tank, I'm contemplating several other actions. I plan on replacing the engine in the near future with another 2 stroke. I've already moved the battery to the center console and would like to move the oil tank and fuel/water separator there too. I'd also like to install an electric fuel pump and eliminate the fuel bulb. I'd appreciate input from others who have made mods to their boats as to the feasibility of these modifications as well as safety concerns. Thanks in advance.
  11. I have a 2016 R200 and want to find a fiberglass tackle box to install where the removable cooler is (under the bolster seats). Does anyone have any info on one or already completed the mod? Thanks in advance.
  12. Taz42169

    New to Robalo

    We just ordered an R200 this past week. It's our first a Robalo and we're excited. She's pretty decked out w/Yamaha 200, dual batteries, leaning post w/fold up bolsters, trim tabs, removable bow back rests, porta pot, ski pylon, T-Top. Custom ordered an overhead electronics box (still can't believe that isn't a standard option) w/Garmin VHF. The clock has started, hope to have it by Spring Striper season!
  13. On our R200, I typically take the boat into the bay and scrub the bottom with a 3M green pad. On this last haul out I acid washed the bottom and waxed it. I noticed that the gelcoat has become scuffed from the 3M pad. Growth in Hopetown, Bahamas is fairly fast. I scrub the bottom weekly. Questions, has anyone experienced this issue. If you have a solution it would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Anthony

    2016 R200

    Hello. I should be receiving delivery on a new 2016 R200 soon, anything I should be aware as a new owner.. Any info is appreciated. Thanks
  15. I just ordered an R200 and am looking for recommendations on a decent Fishfinder. I'm a recreational fishermen so I don't need something used on Wicked Tuna! LOL Thanks and inputs are appreciated.
  16. http://www.boattest.com/boats/boat_video.aspx?ID=2694
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