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  1. The 12 x 6 tabs are a special size made for Robalo to meet the clearance requirements of the reboarding ladder. Contact Lenco directly and they can get you the part number you need...
  2. For you to see the NMEA 2000 option on the Robalo website, you have to option the Garmin MFD/Nav/Sonar unit. Once that is selected the NMEA option shows up on the webpage.
  3. I will be taking delivery of a 2020 Robalo R200 in the next week. I ordered the boat with a 200HP Mercury Four Stroke as it has better performance stats than the Yamaha and I have had very good luck with Mercury motors in the past. The one drawback to the Mercury motor vs the Yamaha is that it only comes with the standard aluminium prop. I plan to purchase a stainless steel prop to install when the boat arrives and have been looking at the Mercury Enertia prop, but have been informed that the Quicksilver Q3 is the same prop and costs less than the Enertia. Does anyone know if the Q3 is made of the same X7 alloy that the Enertia is made of??Also, has anyone had any experience with the Enertia ECO on a 20-21 ft center console boat. I have been told that the ECO would be overkill on a boat that size? Any information you can provide would be appreciated as I would not mind taking advantage of the fuel economy that the ECO is known for... Note: Mercury tested the 200HP Four Stroke on the R200 with an 19" Enertia prop. The boat had a WOT of 52.5 MPH at 5734 RPM.Thanks! 200HP-FourStroke-with-Robalo_R200-2018.PDF.pdf
  4. The transom area looks like a large R200. I wonder if the live well is under the rear seats?
  5. You can order friction hinges for the live well and anchor locker here: https://www.gemlux.com/shop For the head compartment I would recommend installing a gas strut similar to the ones that hold the fish locker/cooler lids open. Somewhere in these forums there is a guy that installed one and posted a picture. I would post a link, but I'm pressed for time. Good luck!
  6. A 12" will not fit unless to relocate the stereo head unit. I have a R200 on order and was going to mount a 10" but it had the same issue. It looked like it would fit, but because the console has the two recessed storage bins on the top they restrict the depth of anything you would want to mount near the top edge of the console. The 12" Garmin GPSMAP 8412 has a mounting depth of almost 3 inches which would run into the storage bins if mounted near the top of the console. I ended up going with the Garmin GPSMAP 942 which will fit without any special modifications.
  7. EB-Boater


    If you don't mind me asking. What is the antenna on the drivers side of the T-Top that looks like a light bulb? I know the one farther forward is for VHF. i'm just not familiar with the other one... Thank you!
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