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  1. I just picked up new 2108 R222, which does the same thing. Trims help, but only at planning. At slow speed it is what it is. Trim tabs don't have much effect. I was thinking it is weight of two batteries mounted biased to the post side, but even my own weight can't counter it. I'm puzzled as much as you
  2. Two weeks since I picked-up my new R222 2018 with 200 HP Yamaha. Great solid boat! But one issue: it is listing on a port side b/c both batteries are stern-mounted on port side not counterbalanced. Dealer told me that this was known old Robalo problem for a while, which is eliminated on later years models. Obviously it is still there. Trim tabs help, but only at planning speeds. And trim itself has to be significant, almost half the motion range in order to level the ride. Anybody in this forum experienced the same issue? Appreciate any shared mitigation experience.
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