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    Have 2020 R200. Has anyone used the pop-up rear cleats to tow a float tub? I did not order the towbar. Will only do it a couple times a year when grandkids are in town.
  2. MRC

    rod holders

    Ordered 2020 R200 with T-top can someone tell me if the rod holders are adjustable. My old boat had to adjust angle down a little to clear roof over my slip. also do all 4 of the gunwale rod holders slant to the back
  3. Ordered a 2020 R200. Anyone know if the factory electronics box locks also diameter of the main pipe supports of the factory T-TOP?
  4. MRC

    Paint color

    Just talked to a factory rep and Biscayne blue is the same as deep water, just a name change for 2020.
  5. MRC

    Paint color

    Just ordered a 2020 R200 . Want the deep water blue color but the dealer build sheet shows Biscayne Blue. The dealer says it is the same. Don't want to put the dealer on the spot but can anyone confirm that Biscayne is deepwater blue. I know from time to time companies change shades of colors. My last 3 boats have been dark blue and want to keep it that way.. Can't find anyway to contact the company because they ask for zip code and refer you to the nearest dealer.
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