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  1. billyc

    Robalo 202 EX

    Could the fuel tank possibly contribute to the problem if the fuel is settling more one side or the other?
  2. billyc

    Lenco Trim tabs for 227

    Jimbo I was reading over the retractable tab feature on the forum about when the ignition is shutoff, did you find a connector for that wire on the boats wiring harness? The post I read mentioned the wire seemed to go to the tach
  3. billyc

    Lenco Trim tabs for 227

    It is a 2019. Would be nice to see those harnesses already there and only a plug and play situation!. Will have to look, Thanks!. The rep at Lenco said I needed 2 Lenco 30133-103 20' harnesses so ordered them.
  4. billyc

    Lenco Trim tabs for 227

    Thank you! That was where I was hoping to go with the wires. I will also take your advice and add several pull tapes for additional wiring in the future. I pretty much was sure after running tabs on all my other boats that I was going to miss them. The Robalo is a beautiful boat to run, but I can see many times when the tabs would have made a world of difference.
  5. billyc

    Lenco Trim tabs for 227

    I have my Lenco trim tabs coming tomorrow!! Thanks for all the help getting the proper part numbers for them. Lenco had a custom set in stock so only a few days to get them. On a dealers site they had a picture of the tabs so I downloaded all the pictures of the factory installed tabs along with the customer installed ones here on the forum. That will really help. One question still remaining is ...Is there a good route to fish the wires thru to the helm? I think most factory wiring was done before the deck sandwich was put on. Thanks again Bill
  6. billyc

    Robalo R227 Driver Seat

    ...move your seat forward slightly with the forward/backward adjuster and you will get the clearance to turn it.
  7. billyc

    Robalo R227 Driver Seat

    on my 2019 227 there is a lever directly in front under the seat that if you push down it lets the seat swivel. It's length seems to be short so hard to find by feel so you may have to look under the seat to locate.
  8. billyc

    Lenco Trim tabs for 227

    I am adding Lenco trim tabs to my 227. Ive read about them on other threads but the part numbers given do not appear to be valid anymore and the Lenco site is under construction. Are the Lenco Marine Inc 15101-104 9" X 12" Standard Trim Tab Kit the correct tabs to purchase? Thanks Bill
  9. billyc

    gel coat color for 227

    Thanks Haz. iboats did not know whether it was Arctic white or Titanium that I wanted Bill
  10. billyc

    gel coat color for 227

    I put a small gouge in my 2019 Robalo 227 and would like to do a repair to the area. Can anyone guide me to the right color white for the hull? Thanks!