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  1. It really depends on how steep the ramp is and is it covered with algae. Also, does it have posi-rear axle. I have seen 1500s launch/pull bigger boats. I used to trailer a 17ft boat with an Olds Delta 88.
  2. Capacitydecals.com will make for you or you can get blank ones on Amazon. Not cheap.
  3. On my 2019 R222 the Clarion stereo is connected to the battery through the main battery switch. When I shut the switch off, the radio loses all power. I have not yet had any issues losing the preset stations on the radio. This includes storing for 5+ months in the winter with the batteries off. The unit must have an internal storage of that info. Also note that on my boat the radio is connected to a fuse block behind the console. So when the battery switch is turned on the block has power. if that connection is bad or the fuse is bad the radio would not have power. Also on the block is the mai
  4. First of all the sticker does not show freight and freight is not part of the NAP. On my R222EX it was $1895 extra a couple of years back, so to NC from GA it can't be any more. Dealer Prep fees are included with the NAP. I did not see a list of any add-ons not in NAP to figure where they came up with an extra $6000. My price was the NAP plus freight plus tax and registration. Note my prep fee, included with NAP, went to anchor rode/chain, dock lines, safety gear, filling all motor oil, steering fluid and gear lube and a full tank of gas. If you have an itemized list of the $6000 extra charge
  5. Gemlux is used for most latches and hinges. Southco is used for cabin door and elecbox locks
  6. What I know of the Robalo wiring from my 2019 is that yellow wires are part of the grounding system. It would be good to see a picture of what you are describing.
  7. The red wire is connected to the load side of the switch. The black wire should be connected to a ground bussbar. These days it is yellow wiring. Newer boats have a fuse block (typically feeds radio and tabs) with a ground buss.
  8. On the Robalo facebook group someone posted a table of dimensions. It was pre R230 but showed R242 with tower at 11'4". They don't specify type of trailer so I am assuming it is the factory trailer. My R222EX is parked next to a basketball hoop and it is higher than the top of the backboard. With VHF antenna and anchor light. That puts it >12'6". One note my trailer is roller style. Not a Robalo.
  9. Not yet on my boat but today after driving to the vet, my truck battery went dead. Had to call AAA to jump it so I could get home. That being said check bilge float switch did not get hung up.
  10. I agree. Hope you get it by Aug. Good Luck.
  11. What i am hear is delivery times are far out because of demand. Hope you get something before weather gets nice.
  12. On the yamaha outboard website they have performance date for R242 with twin 150s and R247 (same hull and weight is close). Boattest.com has more test data on twin 150s. Says time to plane 3.3 seconds I have single F200XB on R222EX. No issue powerwise with 5+ adults. I put my weight around 5000lb loaded that is 25lb/hp. Twin 150s has got that covered on R242. Twin 200's is overkill for only 9000 more if you have the money than get the hp, you also now have digital engines. Digital engines work great. I have a boat with digital Etec. If you go with twin digital engines go with 2 screens. I have
  13. I have not had any issue but I never updated the firmware that combines the internal wifi that allows you to connect a phone with the wifi that connects the unit to a LAN wifi. On my G09, I have to go to settings and switch back and forth.
  14. My R222EX is equipped with a BEP Digital Voltage Sensing Relay. It will switch charging to the second battery when the selected battery is full. This works both if Battery 1 or Battery 2 is selected. After two seasons both batteries were equally charged. Previous wisdom said put switch on both so both batteries can be charged. That is no longer needed. The onboard battery charger can also show each batteries charge level at any time
  15. Spring 2019 dealer did my first painting, primer and two coats <$1000.Used Petit Vivid White.
  16. On a R222EX it only took a couple of hours. Sanding, wiping down, taping and painting. But that is after the first painting. Better to have dealer do the surface prep and undercoating to get it right.
  17. I have the GO9 came with both CMAP and Navionics + cards. The unit also came with base map which was useless. I found the Navionics card is the best for me, Cape May NJ. The reason I bought the Simrad was to be able to use Navionics. The Garmin and CMAP map cards are not as detailed in my area even though Garmin owns Navionics now. The other choice was Raymarine to be able to use Navionics. 2 seasons on the GO9 and I like it a lot. Also you can get Navionics app on your phone for cheap that interacts with the GO9 map card.
  18. As for most boats, check all the through fittings. Pour rv antifreeze through fittings. Typically bilge pump discharges are higher up as deck and fish box drains are lower. My 1990 Chris Craft had 2 bilge pumps. Pouring antifreeze will flow down through pump and spill out back drain plug. If you have a raw water system you need to run rv antifreeze through the pumps and strainer. The intake is usually in the bottom of the boat under the back center.
  19. The engine cover blocks the motor air intake. This will at best have the engine run too rich and probably smoke. It will likely result in carbon build up on the cylinders and eventually ruin the engine.
  20. I use a funnel and tube and pour antifreeze backwards through the discharge hose which flows through the pump. Worked last year for new boat. On my other boat, I never winterized the pumps. 30+ years old and never froze.
  21. Good to see you got it winterized. Mine is now covered and blocked up for winter. 4 more months and start waking it up.
  22. The raw water strainer is screwed and permanently bonded to the hull with 3M 5200 or similar. I wouldn't mess with it.
  23. My 2019 R222EX was fairly organized, but to work on it you will need to cut tie wraps. All switches are 10A and most control relays that actuate the pumps etc.
  24. I use Sta-Bil Marine 360 everytime I add gasoline. It's always stabilized. I also use Yamaha Ring Free the same way to minimize carbon build up. So nothing additional to winterize.
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