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  1. Checked the Clarion manual and the speaker wire at the unit is 20 gauge.
  2. I have a R222EX. The speakers come out easy enough. Plenty of slack wire and a rubber gasket. The covers twist off/on , 1/8 turn, easy. They are panasonic 6 1/2" speaker. 4 Ohm 160Watt max power. The wires are thin, likely 18ga. They are a couple inches deep but there was plenty of room in the hole to fit my whole arm. 4 screws hold speakers in place. I think JL for instance uses 6, so holes would line up. Pictures from Cecil website. .
  3. These pumps have a high pressure shutoff switch, ~60 psig. The pumps on my boat have a common discharge. Could that be blocked and therefore the pumps discharge pressure has tripped the switches of all of them? Also, have you unplugged the power plug to the pump and checked the voltage coming to the pump for correct voltage with the switch on.
  4. Visio-Boat Pump Panel Wiring Diagram.pdfThe file is my schematic of the 2019 R222EX right side panel that includes the LW pumps. Note this year with low amp rated push button switches, the pumps used relays so the load did not go across the switch. 1 switch/1 Relay/2 Breakers control the pumps and the pumps themselves have pressure switches that shut off the pump at ~60psig. The R222EX has no valves in the pumping below the deck, all discharge lines are common and both the raw water and LW take off of the discharge line. On this boat if I had pressure to the raw water wash down, then unless there was a plug in the take off, I sould have pressure to the LW
  5. I have a 2019 R222EX. All the switches are 10A rated. Pump switches use relays for power to pumps. 2 Fuse blocks behind helm 1 for the panel radio lights and one for the electronics, which is only there if boat ordered with factory electronics. Main Fuse block fed from helm breaker. Garmin block fed from panel switch/relay and 20A breaker. Both fuse blocks have ground terminals. The are also another ground and battery buss bar back there, no pictures of those. All my panel switches prewired directly into wiring harness, even if that option was not purchased like underwater lights.
  6. Jersey Shore

    Fuel tank

    I took a picture of the sending unit of a R222EX in the lot last year. Looks like it was taped. Likely to protect tank from when they put on cap.
  7. Jersey Shore

    Foot rest

    It is an option for R222EX when you order the boat. Dual flip up foot rest in the cockpit section. I am sure it can be ordered as a part from the dealer and installed separately. It only clamps unto the seat legs. The part #s vary based on the year and the finish (anodized, white or black powder coat). It is not an option for the R222 with fiberglass helm seat as there is nothing to clamp to.
  8. Like I said, I really think it is part of the boat prep fee you pay. Boats are shipped with no fluids so they need to fill the gearcase, engine oil, hydraulic steering and gas tank. Ask the Robalo Corp folks. I'm sure they can settle it.
  9. My boat was full. Dealer said that is all part of the prep cost you pay.
  10. I have an R222EX on a trailer with disc brakes. They work on surge as the truck stops the trailer pushes forward and the brakes engage. Depending on your State, brakes are a requirement. In NJ, I believe any trailer over 3000lb gross requires brakes.
  11. Yes I bought at Waterfront. They were good to deal with. Took one out for test ride there and then took my boat out for shake down before delivery. They installed the MFD and transducer and did a nice job. Better than what was offered by the factory at about the same cost. Get the radio installed by factory though. If you are really interested I can give you a sales contact. I think they have a referral program. I have been out to about 10-15 mi offshore last year. Had to come in at times with 2-3 ft chop at ~25MPH. No issue. Handled Cape May Inlet fine, but I have been going through that inlet for 40 years. Not enough incentive last year to take out past the reefs. Might take it out to Five Fathom Bank this year if fish are biting and weather is right. Boat handles water good. Get the trim tabs, though, it helps get the boat at the right plane for conditions. Yamaha outboards also are set on the boat so there is up & down trim room. My Evinrude ETEC only can trim up. So it took time getting used to setting the outboard trim. It pushes the water out away from the bow nice but if it is real windy you will get spray from the wind. A bigger bow flare might help a little but only matters when real windy from the port/stbd direction. I have another boat, 22ft walkaround, 800lbs lighter, big Carolina bow flare that I have had out 20 miles but you need to pick the day carefully or it is a long ride back. It still has the same issues with the wind and spray. The Robalo can do it at a little more speed for the same condition. I have had this boat out in 4-5 ft seas when weather turned bad. It handled it as would the Robalo but not recommended. Not much fun in a 22ft boat. You can easily handle 3ft even 4ft swells depending on how they are spaced and 2-3 chop at a decent speed. Any more and you are going slow. That though would be coming back because why would you go out if the seas were like that anyway. Good site, Predictwind.com, actual will show 5 days of wind and wave. You can point to location and see how things are going to change. Runs like a video. To do better for example, I have taken out a 28ft Pursuit in 4ft chop and had no issue holding speed. It though weighs twice as much and drafts an additional 4-6" and costs over 3x more.
  12. I bought a 2019 R222EX last year and went through the differences very closely. Both are the same exact hull and motor. The differences are in the deck arrangement. The R222EX front seats are arranged so they are more like separate seats and can accept a table in the middle that can be converted to cast /sun deck, if you pick that option. The standard R222 cannot have a table. It has an old style wrap around bench. No option for casting/sun deck or table. In fact I feel that the R222EX fishes better up front. The back of the R222EX has a molded in fixed seat with a lift up back for access bilge. The seat is very nice and comfortable. There is storage under the seat for bucket and live well. The R222 has a fold down seat. not as big. Good access to the bilge. Storage for bucket moved forward of console but the EX has more storage. The fold down seat allows more room in the back to fish and you get an extra cup holder. For me the R222EX fishes fine. I have mine in Cape May and fished almost every weekend. The clincher for me going with the EX model was the Helm seat. The EX has a split folding seat, very nice. Under the seat it has space for a cooler which is supplied with the boat. The regular EX has a fixed seat with live well no cooler.
  13. In 1994, the Robalo 2440 was standard with 2 Merc 150 outboards at ~ 395-404lbs each. The 200HP outboards weighed the same. One 350 Yamaha is around 780lbs. Should work.
  14. What was the original motor. Some of those 2 strokes were heavy back then.
  15. Bought a 2019 Robalo R222EX last year and was curious if there are any photos of the hull and stringers before the deck is installed. I am always interested in how things are run and put together.

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