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  1. In 1994, the Robalo 2440 was standard with 2 Merc 150 outboards at ~ 395-404lbs each. The 200HP outboards weighed the same. One 350 Yamaha is around 780lbs. Should work.
  2. What was the original motor. Some of those 2 strokes were heavy back then.
  3. Bought a 2019 Robalo R222EX last year and was curious if there are any photos of the hull and stringers before the deck is installed. I am always interested in how things are run and put together.

  4. I was able to get a look at the switches. They are made by "BLUEWATER". Seemed to be rated for 5A as anything circuit breaker above that has a relay. I can't seem to find a place to buy them though. Since their site indicates they only make light switches, they may be making these switches for ROBALO. They come with a harness plug so make sure it fits new switch or you'll need to add connectors to each wire.
  5. I re-powered my old boat with an ETEC 150 replacing an old Evinrude. The concern was weight and the ETEC was the best choice from both weight and cost. ($4000 less installed) I have since bought new Robalo with a Yamaha. Here is the difference. The ETEC is not as quiet at idle but is quiet. At full speed the ETEC is probably quieter than the Yamaha. The ETEC requires significantly less maintenance compared to any 4 stroke, but you must use $50/gallon 2 cycle oil (100:1 ratio). Winterizing the Yamaha was a pain but I can do the ETEC at the ramp with the onboard 2 cycle oil. If I knew I could have forced Robalo to supply the new boat with an ETEC I would have. They don't advertise this option.
  6. The boat is all wrapped up for winter. From what I remember the button is the size of my index finger, about 17mm. I can push in without touching sides. This is consistent with a 22mm (7/8") hole. I do have a picture (too large to upload) but I compared the 12v DC plug hole size 1 1/8" to the switch and width of the button including the bezel is 25MM (~1") which also is consistent with 22mm EAO switch. See drawing. So 12mm sounds small. Drawing1.pdf
  7. I own a 2019 R222EX and from what I can see, most of the electrical systems on this boat (battery switch, Voltage Relay, battery charger, trim tabs, etc.) come from the corporation that owns Blue Seas, Marinco, Ancor, etc. So using their pushbutton switches should work well. The main difference is the Blue Seas switches are lighted but those on the R222EX are not. I did look around to see if someone sells non-lighted stainless pushbuttons and found EAO. They have both lit and unlit. They look very similar and come in different sizes. They also have drawings with dimensions.
  8. Jersey Shore

    GPS Size

    You should easily fit a 9" screen. I have a R222EX and put a 9" screen in the dash and have plenty of room. Could have squeezed a 12" in the space.
  9. My trailer, Tidewater/Shoreline, recommends Lucas Marine Grease, blue, for it hubs. The trailer has Tie Down easy lube hubs. It also states the hubs are originally packed with Lucas Red and Tacky grease.
  10. Just go electronic and then there are no cables
  11. May be helpful to understand the below deck plumbing to understand how water flows front to back. I also own a 1990 ChrisCraft Walkaround and a few years back had a similar issue caused by water stacking up below deck on the port side. Typically any water would drain into the bilge via openings located port, starboard and center in the bilge. The port hose did not flow (plugged) I used a hose and spray nozzle to clear the port bilge opening and all the water drained. Never happened before and never happened after. Although much less water gets below decks with this boat, it still needs to get out and a plugged path would cause weight issues.
  12. I have a 2019 R222EX and the batteries are more toward the center-line. No issues sitting flat in the water. The 2019 R222 I looked at when deciding though still has the batteries on the port side. If you don't have a fresh water tank, you may be able to move one battery to starboard of center. Should help.
  13. I currently have a 200HP on a 2019 R222EX. The dry weight/HP ratio is 18.5:1. With this motor I have had no issues even when close to max capacity onboard and a full tank. The R200 with a 150HP motor dry weight/HP ratio would be 20:1. I think if you are planning to have max weight onboard then the 200HP is a better choice. If you are only planning to max out infrequently then use the money on options.
  14. V-Lock size does not match up with EEZ-in from Garelick. I purchase blank inserts to repurpose the EEZ-in bracket and they don't fit. Too small and also not tapered.
  15. I have used Interlux Micron Extra for years on my old boat and it works great. In fact it is on the boat now at Cape May Harbor. I asked the dealer to paint my new boat with this paint and they screwed up and painted it with Petit Vivid White. They are both ablative paints and so far this season seems to be holding up as good as the Micron Extra. I can compare since both boats are in the same marina. The ultimate test will be when the new boat is pulled and pressure washed.
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