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  1. Jersey Shore

    New to Boating

    I have used Interlux Micron Extra for years on my old boat and it works great. In fact it is on the boat now at Cape May Harbor. I asked the dealer to paint my new boat with this paint and they screwed up and painted it with Petit Vivid White. They are both ablative paints and so far this season seems to be holding up as good as the Micron Extra. I can compare since both boats are in the same marina. The ultimate test will be when the new boat is pulled and pressure washed.
  2. Jersey Shore

    Garmin 742

    I just bought the R222EX and opted to install the SIMRAD GO9 XSE with active imaging transducer. The Navionics charts are better than the Garmin even though the two companies are one. I did side by side at West Marine. Also the 9" installed was the same price as the factory option. One other note, with the factory option they install a through hull transducer that does not utilize the full capabilities of the Garmin unit. My transducer is transom mounted and I have Standard (80 &200 hrz), Chirp, Downvision and Side vision with both 80 and 200hrz. Bought is at West Marine and it also came with C-Map Insights chart card.
  3. Jersey Shore

    R200 Side Imaging Transducer

    Mine is mounted on right side between trim tabs and motor (SIMRAD Active Imaging transducer). Boat is a R222EX. No issues with image below 10mph. Above 10mph there is a little static on the right side of center in the depth section. The side scan bottom looks fine at any speed. On the R222EX a 9" screen fit nice. There was a little more room to go bigger. Should be similar on the R200.
  4. Jersey Shore

    GPS Screen Size

    I have a SIMRAD GO9 XSE, 9" touch on my R222EX. Allows a little more room because there are no knobs or manual controls. Have been on R222 with 7" Garmin from factory. I didn'y think it was adequate.
  5. Jersey Shore

    Drain system

    I just purchased a new R222EX. Wondering if there are schematics of the under deck plumbing. Where the front in deck storage hatch and dash drain holes connect.