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  1. I bought the Yamaha muffs but I still have to use an external clamp to press the ears together to get a tight seal. Doing this, I do get water coming out of the telltale.
  2. No problem, boat is just sitting in driveway waiting for spring.
  3. I dock my boat in saltwater for the summer and it leaves a water mark at the waterline. It is a R222EX with a spec draft of 15.5". I just measured the water mark at 16.5" draft at the stern motor mount. The boat generally has a full tank (90 gals) and all my equipment stored on the boat. but no people. 1 inch for fuel and about 100lbs of gear. Close to 650 lbs added. If you add another inch for 3 people. This boat is slightly bigger than a R207 but also holds 50% more fuel. I can't see the R207 gaining more than 3 inches of draft. Leaving 2 inches. Not a low of clearance but if you a
  4. I'd try Facebook group. There are a lot of owners many use lifts
  5. You can try. I'm sure they could tell you when they are provided the equipment and people weight. They know what a full tank of gas weighs. Gasoline weighs about 6lb/gal. There is also a Robalo Group on Facebook that has a lot of owners and some knowledgeable people. They could give you actual experience. If the Manufacturer's draft is accurate (don't know why it wouldn't be). A simplified way to calc, then, is all about water displacement for the added weight and every 62.4 lbs of weight is equivalent to 1 Cu foot of (fresh) water displaced. If you have the added weight, then you ca
  6. That should be enough. Thinking fuel, people and equipment probably only adds 2 inches draft to a 20 foot boat. Leaves a little room.
  7. The dimensions of the outboard shafts do not change based on horsepower. Outboards come in various size shafts based on boat type. For instance, the shaft required for a bass boat is much shorter than a V hull boat. Therefore, based on your boat the shaft length is the same regardless of engine HP. Mounting in different holes can change draft but it would be the same for both boats. This applies with the motor lowered. When the spec says draft with engines up, the resulting spec draft is based on the boat hull and dry loaded weight and weight distribution with no extra weight. This boat
  8. Try T-H Marine Supplies not sure the drain size. Quantity Tweet Share Pin It Add Email
  9. I went through the same analysis and bought the Carver cover. Although not a perfect fit, it is pretty good (semi-custom) and at the time was only 2X the cost of shrink wrapping. Looking now, the price jumped $200+ for the same cover. Since I am on a trailer securing the cover was easy, it has loops for 20+ straps and a turnbuckle cinch rope. Last year by myself on a windy day it took an hour but this year with a little help took less than 30 minutes. This one should last a few years and then if Carver is still in business I'll buy another. I thought it was a fair price for what you got. It is
  10. I am also in NJ, I bought a Carver (7.6 weight) cover for my Robalo Center console with T top. This will be the 3rd winter using the cover on the boat. Hadn't had any moisture issues. I do though put 4 damprid buckets (2.5 lbs total) in compartments and on the deck. Year 1 and 2 the damprid was only half spent by spring. The cover fits nice and has 2 zipper accesses. Covers boat and motor. Do need a tarp for gaps created around outboard. Harborfreight $10. Robalo covers are not made to handle snow. Probably will work but it will likely reduce durability.
  11. Agreed. Using the flush port is a good way to burn up the water pump impeller.
  12. If you use an oil extractor like the one sold at West Marine you don't have to remove the plug.
  13. A table is an option when buying a new R200 so the deal may be able to get it for you. My guess it come packets with filler cushion/casting platform
  14. I agree that there should be better QC at the factory, but the dealers are also paid a prep fee to make the boat ready for delivery. I know in my case they went through every moving and electrical part. Wondering what is going on with a dealer that allows all these easily fixed items go through.
  15. My R222EX will typically favor the STBD side and tabs correct with minimal deflection
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