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  1. Has anyone had custom cushions made to fill in the gaps around the bow cushion on the R160? My wife keeps nagging me to look into this!
  2. Be persistent with your dealer. As Rick indicated they should be able to get this to you directly or indirectly via Robalo. If they happen to have an R160 in their showroom they could send you the light from that boat while they wait on Robalo for a replacement. You should be getting or got a customer satisfaction survey from Robalo asking for feedback on your dealer. Use that for leverage if you need to. Re a parts guide for the 2020 R160. I'd be surprised if there is one. I have one from 2018 but the file was too big to attach.
  3. The bunks on my trailer are also 2 x 6 but I'm pulling an R160.
  4. Don't know about the rotting wood but it looks to me like someone changed out the original lag bolts with non-stainless steel ones and I doubt it was Coyote. Are the other bunk bolts rusting? If so change them. Maybe these are not the original bunks?
  5. Not sure what it's for but after reviewing some Youtube maintenance videos online I noticed that other Yamaha engines also have this and it does not attach to anything. However, there appears to be hold-down clamps for it on larger engines, mine is just hanging free. Not going to worry about it anymore!
  6. I realize this is a question for my dealer’s service department but since they are 2 hours away I thought I’d run it past the forum members. I just found there is a hose coming off the fuel injector on my 2018 Yamaha F70 that is not attached to anything (see attached pic). Question is, should it attach to something? This is hose #9 per the attached parts diagram. Engine appears to be running fine as is.
  7. Thanks Kingrex. Definitely something to look into. I'm in Indiana so ethanol free is rare.
  8. You can search for a dealer near you on the Robalo website but of course that doesn't mean they are any good!
  9. Thanks for the feedback! FYI the R160 does not have a separate fuel water separator like the larger boats. According to Yamaha the filter unit containing the filter does both jobs. I plan to check if there is actually any water at the bottom of it when I change it.
  10. Interesting timing. Just last week I noticed one of the tires on my R160 Coyote trailer (single axle) was wearing unevenly (greater wear on the inside tread). Nothing obviously wrong with the alignment that I can see by just eyeballing it. So I've been asking myself, is this really a problem? Not like I can take it in for an alignment. My boat/trailer was purchased in May 2018.
  11. Thanks for the additional research and links! One thing I noticed is the 2015 bulletin lists the R160 dry weight as 1364 lbs vs what I've seen for the 2018 which is 1600 lbs with the same engine. Not sure where the extra weight came from and if it's really apples to apples but this could be a factor in the performance differences. In my own case, I haven't had the opportunity to do a real performance test. I put a gash in my prop 2nd time out before I even got past the break-in period! I haven't hit the numbers in any of these bulletins/posts but then I haven't done any tests under ideal conditions. I always have someone else on the boat with me and plenty of gas (I have the 18 gallon tank) and lots of gear on the boat. After I get the new prop on (14" pitch) I'll have to do a serious performance check.
  12. I want to change the gas filter in my 2018 Yamaha F70 which supposedly also acts as a water separator. If I dump the fuel and any water (can't tell if there is any) out of the fuel separator and change the filter do I put gas back to the unit before reattaching it or just reattach it empty and maybe pump the gas line bulb to refill it? I'm concerned about leaving this much air in the line. Or, maybe it doesn't matter? The manual just tells you to sop up any water in the separator with a paper towel or something and reattach it but of course the water would be under the gas and they don't say anything about the air space left behind.
  13. No. There wasn't anyone around who knew enough to answer my question when I went down there. I decided to just return the 13" and bought a 14" online.
  14. You probably did this already but if not I can send picks of mine. It works just fine!
  15. Thanks Bob! I can see my post wasn't as clear as it should have been. The only thing I'd be changing is the pitch...going from 14 down to 13. According to what I've read this would change the RPM output by about +200 RPM which seems pretty trivial. This should give give me that much more power accelerating out of the hole but would slow me down (mph) at WOT. Small risk that I might exceed the recommended RPM at WOT though this is doubtful since this is 6300 and the most I have ever gotten with my current prop is 5800-6000. I was just curious if anyone has tried this. There's a certified Yamaha dealer close by. I can run it by them.
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