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  1. kingrex

    Yamaha Multi-Function Gauge 6Y5-8350T-83-00

    Out of interest to anyone. Per Yamaha motors. Red letter gauges don't give any info such as water temp or oil pressure on the gauge. If somerhing goes wrong the gauge will alarm and the indicator will flash a warning,. White letter gauges should give some temp and oil info. Not sure how much. 2004 and newer motors have a NMEA 2000 output in the wiring harness. If it was not specified with the dealer to install the cable, you have to fiah it from the notor to your console. Matbe a 4 hour job. $100 cable. That cable is the engine interface cable. As you probably know, all motors have computers in then now. Plug that cable into any NMEA 2000 compatible fiah finder, chart plotter and you can see detailed info from your engine comouter. Temp, oil pressure, rpm, speed, mpg burn and more. Look around a little on the internet. It's easier than you think. I'm starting the install now. Biggeat reason for me is I can easily monitor engine temp and know when the motor is ready to open up and run at high rpm. Running hard when cold is probably the greatest wear on a motor outside dirty or low oil.
  2. kingrex

    What are the Hoses For?

    Dont prick the bottle. IMO. It will become a mess. If you put the bleader into the helm and lightly squeeze it. Kind of rapping like, bubbles will come out of the helm. Also, jiggle the steering wheel. Kind of shake it a little. It may take 4 or 5 different sessions to get it all. Maybe check it every 4th trip.
  3. kingrex

    Blemish in hull side

    If it's a blemish thats one thing. If its delamination thats another. Your boat will get beat up over time and loose it's "New Boat Smell". I would try and relax. It sucks. But if it's not structural, try and not let it get you down.
  4. kingrex

    lighting problem

    I have a 2013 and 3 of my breakers failed. Pull one and look at the part number. Go on the internet to find replacements. Get the same ampacity. It's clearly marked on the breaker. Usually 3 amp and 5 amp. Get a couple spares as they are $4 or so each. I suggest using needle nose plyers to pull the wire stake ons off, then unscrew the rubber top and it will fall out of the dash. I would put a spot of deox on the new breaker terminal before reinserting the stake on wire terminals.
  5. kingrex

    R200 Spot Light Install

    Depends on how clean you want it. Burying the wire in the frame would be hard. Zip tying it on the surface much easier. Maybe zip tie across the top, then drill into the tube frame and fish the wire down the tube to the side of the console, then out of the tube into the console. You can get nylon gromits that are convex to fit your tubing. That should make a flat spit for bolts to hold the light base. But not seeibg it, maybe a chunk of starboard bolted to the frame is a stronger base to connect the light too. Anything can be done. Clean and neat = time and money. FYI, make any hole in the frame and you may need to drill a weep hole in the bottom to release any intruding water. You might be opening a can of worms.
  6. kingrex

    Garmin GPSMap 1242 in R180

    I have the template download. Its a tight fit. I may just ask Semperfifishing if he will take an exchange if it does not fit. If no one has installed one, I need to hold one in my hand, put it face down on the console and trace it. Then put the cut template in the trace, then drill tiney holes to ensure clearances. I just hate returning product. Want to hear it's been done.
  7. kingrex

    Uploading Pics

    How do I dump my attachments so I can upload more pictures to post
  8. kingrex

    R200 Came Today

    I just posted. I'm trying to fit a 12". And, congratulations. I have had my R180 for about 3 months now. Been on the water about 10 times and every time love it more and more. I fish it hard. Amazing boat. If your a fisherman I did one necessary mod in my mind. I pulled the scupper covers from the thru deck and put a 2" short turn 90* PVC fitting with a female end and an inside male end. It fits perfect in the hole. It now washes fish guts and blood right out of the boat. Best mod of any I made. If you want to see more send me a PM and I will advance photos and how to cut and insert the 90* fitting. But really, its a pretty darn nice boat as is.
  9. kingrex

    Garmin GPSMap 1242 in R180

    Anyone fit a Garmin 12" display in the R180. I have a 2013. It looks real tight, but might just work. Would love to hear someone else made it fit. My issue is the height. I have plenty of horizontal space. Thanks
  10. kingrex

    Yamaha Multi-Function Gauge 6Y5-8350T-83-00

    Never mind. I got the answers
  11. I have a 2013 R180 with the Yamaha f150. I bought this used a few months ago. I was noticing yesterday that as I try and page through the digital meter I could not get any engine temp or oil indication readings from the multi function display. The TAC and trim seem to work fine. Shouldn't I at least see the engine temp? Or, are these only to illuminate if there is an issue? Thanks I would like to have an engine temp sensor to know when it's warm and ready to open up. Thanks
  12. kingrex

    Water under CC Floor

    So this issue started bothering me again. I was reading about a Boston Whaler with water between it's sealed decks. That water permeated the foam and added hundreds of pounds of weight to the boat. When I slipped a 1/4" tube into the drilled open screw hole in my boat and pumped out the gallons of water, I noted the hull was filled with foam. That means I am carrying quite a bit of water that will not come out of the foam. I am now spun up over should I drill a 6" hole into the floor and yard out all the foam, or just leave a couple hundred pounds of water in there. This boat is a 2013 so that water had 6 years to sit and work it's way through the foam. When I first saw it, it had completely filled the void and was squeezing out onto the deck of my CC floor. Something I am not sure of. Is there a stringer or bulk or something in there locking the water into a space only as large as the CC compartment, or does that space compromise all the space from the front of the boat, along the keel and up to where it flushes off with the bottom of the hull at the front edge of the gas tank. If it's a sealed space, then only 5 to 7 gallons might be in there. If it can fill the whole space, it could be more like 50 gallons. Hmmmmm
  13. kingrex

    R200 slow fueling problem fixed

    Balls move on the blower but way safer than the crazy vacuum idea. I like the plastic pump ideas best. Good job on figuring that one out.
  14. kingrex

    Gelcoat Repair Kit

    I believe its all about mixing in the right amount of pigment.
  15. kingrex

    upholstery stickiness ? plasticizer migration

    I thought my boat had plasticizer migration but I was told today it does not. I saw a local upholstery installer who has been working on boats for 20 years. Probably 40 total if you include his time with cars. He said my boat has suffered from suntan lotion on people's bodies being left on the fabric and it acts like a magnifying glass burning the surface of the upholstery. He said it's Unique in that it only occurs on certain Fabrics not all. I do have a touch of pink mold coming through on one seat which he said is specific to the northwest. Otherwise I'm not suffering any sort of factory defect, just upholstery that wasn't cared for well and suffered because of it.