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    Bow Bounce on Trailer

    I have a 2013 R180 on a Karavan trailer. I got the boat used but I'm pretty sure this is the stock trailer provide in the North West. It is a aluminum I beam trailer. The trailer frame flexes and my bow bounces when driving. In the garage it is easy to bounce it up and down. I find when my boat is on the bunks and lined up with the end of the bunks, the nose of the boat is about 2 inches from the winch roller, and the winch roller is a couple inches above the eye. I believe there are a couple things I could do. 1. Drive the boat forward further and winch the boat up into the roller. Not sure if this is a lot of up pulling strain on the eye. 2. Drive the boat forward further into the winch roller, or move the winch further forward, then put a strap through the eye and around the tong of the trailer. Not sure if I am stressing the eye again. Any idea the best fix.
  2. kingrex

    Trolling Motor Install on R200

    If I may ask one more question. What length screw do you suggest. 3/4"???? Is that long enought to get through any fiberglass and into the board.
  3. kingrex

    Trolling Motor Install on R200

    Have you pounded around in the water pretty good and if so how are the battery supports in the front console holding up. I want to put my accessory house battery up front. Are they coming loose? Did you put any waterproof adhesive caulk under the trays to hold them down? Did you end up putting a crossbar from Stringer to Stringer to keep them from sliding? Or did the screws into the deck hold just fine? Thanks
  4. I just got a used 2013 R180 with the 150. It only has one battery. I just ordered a Blue Sea add a battery. I want to put the new house battery in the front of the center console on the floor. I am wondering what if any support is under the floor and if I can drill into the deck to hold the battery tray. Has anyone done this. I figure if I had to I could make cross and top braces and drill into the stringers on the sides. Anybody put batteries up front. Thanks
  5. kingrex

    upholstery stickiness ? plasticizer migration

    Less than a year old and its under warranty. Mine is not.
  6. kingrex

    Is there any plywood in a R180

    I am having the motor inspected. I looked the hull over for cracks. Banged around a bit. It seems solid. I put a deposit on the boat. Very close to being an owner
  7. kingrex

    upholstery stickiness ? plasticizer migration

    I got quoted very close to $3K to reupholster all the cushions in the boat by a 3rd party. Robalo rep has not called me back with a price.
  8. kingrex

    Is there any plywood in a R180

    I am considering purchasing a used 2013 R180. The boat sat in salt water for 6 years. In reading other forum I hear most boat manufacturer have all sorts of quality issues. I am now very concerned that a boat in water for 6 years probably had all sorts of water intrusion into the hull that puddled there for months. This boat only has 80 hours on it. It was not used much. If plywood is in the stringers or transom, this boat may be valueless. If all the structural members are composite, then maybe its ok. Does anyone know what the foundation of this boat is really made of?? Thanks
  9. kingrex

    upholstery stickiness ? plasticizer migration

    Have any of you bought new cushions. I am looking at a used 2013 R180 with the 150. The seats are shot to heck. Same issue. I asked a local fabrick guy for a quote. Wondering what it cost from Robalo to get replacements. What have any of you paid to have all the fabrick replaced. Thanks