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  1. Jim202EX

    R200 - 150 or 200HP?

    I have a 2019 202EX with the 150hp Yamaha. Same hull as the R200 I believe. I have no problems getting on plane and the boat really moves well. I’ve had 4 people, fishing gear and full tank of gas and it has plenty of power. Hope this helps...
  2. Jim202EX

    R200/202EX grab rail diameter

    Hi everyone, I’m looking to add rail mounted rod holders on the standard bow grab rails for fishing. Does anyone know the diameter of those rails? My boat is a few hours drive away so I figured I would try here first. Thanks in advance.
  3. Jim202EX

    R200 Curtain inside the center console

    We have a 2019 202 EX and it has the cover.