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  1. News to this site but not to Robalo. I was hoping there was a link or category on this forum for us to buy/sell parts. Is there one as i cant find it?? My buddy belongs to a Sea Ray forum and it is pretty neat that you can find items from others for sale and sell your loose ends as well. Thanks
  2. Can you find and area in the head that accepts a key? If so, you literally insert the key (you should have gotten that when you bought the boat) clockwise and that engages the system macerator to eject the tank contents. The batteries will need to be on. You should find this key slot close if not next to the switch to turn the vacuum head on. Hope that helps.
  3. I see how that can happen and agree. At the bottom of my pole holders there are tubes to let the water get out. And they do fall off from time to time so i always check that.I think the 305 dates back to 2005. Galley water? I would love to know how that can possibly happen. Maybe the frig leaking? good luck Captain.
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    That is what my 305 has. Great motors and Yamaha has the fix or band aid with the 100 hour replace on their dime. Great boat and motors. And love the power when needed. Only negative i see is the boat sits slightly deeper on the stern thus allowing some additional scum to gather on my beautiful side.
  5. Yes, that is a valve to bypass that particular pump if it doesn't work and allows one of the other pumps to route water to the live well. Good luck!
  6. I have a 2008 and think i am pretty well versed on the 305's. You should only have one tank-probably 300 gallons unless last owner(s) did some custom. Good luck!
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