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  1. All good info folks, but makes me nervous. I just purchased a 2017 R227, but from the original owner. Even better, I got a deal and bought the boat in FL, and had it sent to Mass, where the local dealer has no loyalty to me or the boat... Lovely....
  2. Stick w/ the 250. You will want that engine to get to/from where you're going. Plus you'll want that if the chop comes up on you. Then get a separate trolling motor if you are looking for lower speeds, on calmer waters...
  3. ChrisO

    R227 Towing

    Hello all. Just upgraded from a 18-ft Wellcraft CC to a 2017 R227, 200hp Yami. My 6-cyl double cab Tacoma pulled the CC no problem - much lighter. But as the 227 sits in my yard, I'm concerned about it pulling the Robalo. Various threads say it's ok for small distances, but the 227, trailer and some fuel seem to be at the max tow capacity. Would like to hear others thoughts on towing a 227 w/ a 5000 lb Tacoma.
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