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  1. Its a great small boat! I love just about everything about it minus the small lack in storage but there is enough to make due. It planes great so long as no one sits in the back seats out of the dig and is a very dry ride. It handles chop well for its size, but it can get a little thrown around by some big waves/wakes. However, anything in this size range will and this boat fits in the garage perfect. And by perfect I've got 2 inches to spare with the trolling motor on the front. The trolling motor makes the experience so much better. The 55lb has plenty of thrust for the r160 to hold you in place with anchor lock and is incredibly easy to control with just a small learning curve. Seeing as there is no anchor locker I love not having to deal with a dirty anchor anymore. I have no buyers remorse with splurging on a new boat of this size fully loaded. My musts were the swing away tongue, fold down windshield, rod boxes, live well, garmin, 18 gallon tank, and the ladder in the back. Perfect multi purpose boat for a few people. I would note that the transducer that comes with the garmin is nothing fancy so that will be my next purchase. Best of luck
  2. William, Mine has the pvc pipe with the chase line for pulling wires through installed and i dont think it was pre wired.
  3. William, The wiring is pretty simple with 12V. I used the MKR-18 plug and receptacle which has easy instructions but i did have to pull some wire back bc the recepticale only wants to fit about 10 awg wire. The rest is just keeping the positive and negatives straight. The motor comes with easy to follow wiring guides. I have the ipilot, not the ipilot link so i didnt have that extra cable. I believe the link only works with hummingbird not garmin. Also the the heading compass connects to the 12V supply and talks to the motor via bluetooth. Lastly, the front cleat. I left about 3/4" of an inch between the cleat and the motor so that I can still get a rope around it. You sacrifice how you can use that cleat no matter what with a motor on either side. The front grab rails work ok as a temporary point to tie ti a dock etc. Positioning the mount for the motor is critical as a little adjustment can throw off the motor position/angle so I recommend having somebody hold it still. I used tabe to mark the holes and keep the bracket in place during this process. I hope this helps
  4. So I did a lot of research before going ahead and doing this install myself, and I figured I'd post the results here since I couldn't find much on the subject and didnt want to pay $1000 in labor. I have a 2019 r160 with the 70 Yamaha Materials: 1 Minn Kota Riptide Terrova 55 12v 54" ipilot 1 minn kota RTA 17 quick mount 1 Minn kota MKR-19 60A circuit breaker 20 feet of 4 gauge AWG wire (bigger wire than necessary but eliminates concern of a voltage drop through the wire affecting the power of the motor) 1 Minnkota MKR-18 12V plug and Receptacle I also bought a MinnKota Precision digital charger 10 amp 2 bank changer with the extension cables to reach the rear battery. (Run the extension cables from the rear before splicing to the charger) Install: I wanted to install the extra battery and charger below the shelf in the cc so i order 2 sheets of HDPE 0.5"×12"×24" and made a reenforced shelf (see pictures) and used 6 stainless steel screws to attach it to the hull as shown. The rib is about 16" long and centered on the backside of the shelf. The battery tray, charger, and circuit breaker all attached to the shelf with plenty of room. The rear battery could replace the charger's spot if desired. I drilled the hole into the robalo cover plate at the bow and fastened the recepticale to it. Make sure to run the wires from the cc to the bow rather than vice versa to make life way easier. The quick release bracket is a must as it makes through bolting the motor possible and easy, but I had to stager the trolling motor on the quick release bracket so that it is only secured with 4 bolts instead of 6 (see pictures), but it feels very secure and held fine over the weekend hiting big wakes on lake Norman and no issues running with the troling motor at full rabbit...which leads to the performance of the motor. 12V 55 lb of thrust is plenty for the r160 and the ipilot is amazing so i highly recommend this model for this application. Overall the install was extremely easy and worth every penny (~$2200) however I did forget to make sure to place the shelf far enough aft that the anchor light could still slide down so now it lives in one of the rod boxes... I hope this was helpful and not too wordy. Let me know if you have any questions
  5. No worries, sounds like it was a blast. Ive got materials ordered and will post the finish product next week sometime during the trolling motor install
  6. Hook-em, Did you every get around to installing this shelf? Im considering doing the same thing for my trollling motor install.
  7. NCr160

    R160 in ocean?

    Hook-em, Thank you for sharing your experience with the 12V trolling motor. I'll be ordering my soon now. How does the r160's bow cooler lid handle the pedestal seat? I've been wanting to do that to mine, but Im worried it could torque on the fiberglass and cause it to crack. Any advice would be appreciated
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