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  1. Just boat a R272 and have the same question about the outriggers concerning where to make the hole cut for the outrigger bases. Did anyone find out any specific information regarding location of support structure(s) within the fiberglass hardtop? I think we would all agree that an installation though support structures rather than just the foam/fiberglass hardtop would make for a stronger installation. Any help would be appreciated? Burban, if you received that hardtop schematic I would really like to get a copy. Thanks
  2. Likewise, I'm hoping the same for your boat handling abilities versus actually READING what you find on the internet. If you'll actually read the documents you sent me the links to, you'll find that Robalo does indeed list the R272 in the "table of contents" of the online manual but nothing else directly related to the R272. Rather than spend a lot of time with you on this (in lieu of someone that can actually help me), take a look at the exchange below I've had with the local dealer about this subject. If you'll look at the attachment you sent me, you'll see that Robalo has added the R272 to the list of the models covered by the manual (page i). Unfortunately, nothing else in the manual changed. In other words, no actual information related specifically to the R272 is included. If you'll take a look at page 35, the individual model information starts here with the R160. The following pages detail the information on the other models listed on page i. That is except for the R272. On page 42, details on the R242EX are provided. The R272 model information should follow next. Instead, the R242EX is followed by the R302 completely omitting the R272. Additionally, starting on page 60, Specifications & Capacities are provided for each model. That is except for the R272 (which should be on page 61). Instead, page 61 is reserved for the R302 which is apparently "pending approval" (I can't imagine the anger of those owners). Again, the R272 Specifications & Capacities information is nowhere to be found. I understand that the R272 is a new model but I find it extremely odd that this model would have been produced without any documentation for the owners. DC
  3. I just bought the new model R272 and was amazed to find that not only does Robalo NOT provide an owners manual (they refer you to their website to download it) but the website has no mention of the R272. I can't believe that a new model was released for purchase before an owners manual was produced for it. What is management thinking? Not about their customers, obviously! When will the R272 owners manual be added to the website? DC
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