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    R200 Storage ideas

    May I ask which one you are using? Size?
  2. Ronsaso

    R200 Storage ideas

  3. Ronsaso

    R200 Storage ideas

    Thanks for the info, any recommendation of the T Top bag? And yes, I saw that post and will apply some of those ideas. Did the boxes interfere with your batteries?
  4. Ronsaso

    R200 VHS mount?

    Purchase a R200 and need some advise on mounting a VHS and antenna combo. Pictures, advise... Anyone installed a VHS behind the console. Any VHS recommendation? Send pics..thank you Also, any recommendation for a hand held VHS radio? Best for off shore fishing?
  5. Ronsaso

    R200 Storage ideas

    Hello Robalo nation, just wondering if anyone has any ideas for extra storage on a R200? Any crafty ideas, add on's, custom work...pictures..advise.