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  1. That was the idea that I had, thanks for the heads up..
  2. Does anyone know if Robalo supplies the curtain inside the center console to protect the electoral systems? New R200 and my dealer said it doesn't but I have seen my pictures inside the console with it. Please advise...
  3. Hello, looking for some guidance here. Just picked up my new R200 and took her out for the first time. Upon returning from the marina, I noticed all my items inside my center console (privacy compartment) were wet. I pulled up the grey mesh that came with the boat and there was evidence of water running through the floor. I also notice that below the step, there is a hole that leads to the bow of the boat. Is this a common issue with the R200? What is the purpose of the hole leading to the bow. Any suggestions to protect the items stored inside the console (Floor mats ect..)
  4. Hello Robalo nation, I need some recommendation for a handheld VHS radio. I do some offshore fishing but not all the time. Most of the time I fish near shore. Please advise...
  5. May I ask which one you are using? Size?
  6. Thanks for the info, any recommendation of the T Top bag? And yes, I saw that post and will apply some of those ideas. Did the boxes interfere with your batteries?
  7. Purchase a R200 and need some advise on mounting a VHS and antenna combo. Pictures, advise... Anyone installed a VHS behind the console. Any VHS recommendation? Send pics..thank you Also, any recommendation for a hand held VHS radio? Best for off shore fishing?
  8. Hello Robalo nation, just wondering if anyone has any ideas for extra storage on a R200? Any crafty ideas, add on's, custom work...pictures..advise.
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