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  1. ShesABeaut

    R222 -Livewell & Plug help

    You're a genius! Really appreciate you taking the time to show me this. I'll do it first thing in the AM when I take the cover off in hopes of getting back on the water here in Destin! Thanks again!
  2. ShesABeaut

    R222 -Livewell & Plug help

    Thank you, I appreciate the help.
  3. ShesABeaut

    R200 live well pump

    Steve, I just wish I could figure out how to turn mine on. Cannot seem to get it to work with my brand new boat.
  4. ShesABeaut

    R222 -Livewell & Plug help

    Hey guys. I recently purchased my boat about a week ago, but the dealer did not have any plugs for my live well or front storage coolers. They’ve had to order them, but I want to try and get a few overnighted if possible. Is there a specific place I need to go to find out which size my live well works with? And also, I cannot seem to get the live well to work. I turn on the electronics and push in the button, and make sure the valve is turned, but no saltwater flows. Am I missing something? I’m a newbie, first boat purchase, so forgive me for the rookie questions. Thanks for your help. Shawn, Destin, Florida