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  1. Argiris

    Evinrude Etec G2 250 H.O. Review

    Can you please share some performance numbers? I am searching but I cannot find any performance - consumption data for a R222 with G2 250. Thank you
  2. Argiris

    Evinrude Etec G2 250 H.O. Review

    I really like this boat-engine combination. Congratulations. Can you please post some performance numbers and fuel consumption?
  3. Argiris

    New member- Performance Data

    Hello to everyone. I am a new member here as you can see but I am viewing the forum for some time now. I love the sea since I was a kid. Actually sea was my play ground that time and my best memories as a kid are including fishing with my grandfather on a small wooden fishing boat. I am from on a Greek island with strong maritime heritage and me as many others, work overseas as Chief Engineer on cruise vessels. I am seriously thinking that it is time to have my own boat preferably a Robalo R200 with 200 G2 or a R222 with 250 HP Evinrude G2. I know there are many outboard choices out there and the majority are good however my personal preference are the Robalos and the G2 engines for various reasons. I am not going to analyze them as have been discussed on other topics and forums. I hope there are owners with the above combinations on this forum and are willing to share some real life performance data. I am not looking particular for the top speed but mostly for the most efficient cruise speed and fuel consumption. The fuel prices in Greece are crazy and an efficient boat – engine combination is a must. Thank you all in advance .