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  1. Has anyone resealed their console where it touches the floor. The black foam or seal seems to create a lot of dirt inside the console. The console door and seal at the bottom also seem to allow a lot of water to get inside and create a mold issue. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Can you guys tell me what hole on the bracket you are in. My motor is mounted on the second hole from the top. Thank you for all your input. I believe the prop is 13 1/4 X 16. I will have to remove it to double check. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you Fishypete. I'm turning about 5,200 RPM WOT and I like cruising between 4,200 and 4,400 rpm. I watched the Boatest.com review of the 2012 R180 video with the F115 and they speak of getting to almost 6,000 RPM. I guess maybe I might need a different prop. I do have the stainless prop but not sure of the size right now. I figure that the 5,200 limit I have right now will only help my motor last longer.
  4. Hi everyone, I currently own a 2013 R180 with a Yamaha 115. I have about 260 hours on it. While it does cruise nicely around 24 mph and with a top end near 30 mph i just feel like the 150 would give it that little extra. Who out there has one equipped with the 150 and what are your cruising speeds and top end. Has anyone tested out a boat with both the 115 and 150 motors. I found a 2018 Yamaha 150 at a dealership with 54 hours on it. It also has factory warranty until Jan 2022. I'm thinking that it would be an easy swap. Thank you for any input you can provide.
  5. Thanks Wildoats. I think it may also come from the top of the console door and drip down they don't have any type of edge on the top of the door so water can run in if it comes down heavy. I actually put a piece of 1/2" pipe insulation on the top edge of the door when I leave the boat to try and help the water from going in the porta-pottie area during a rain storm.
  6. Does anyone have issues with the rain water being held more in the front of the boat than in the rear. I pump my boat out after a rain storm but I still have some to remove once I get the boat moving and up on plane. I'm considering maybe adding some silicone near the door area of the console because it looks like there is a low spot in the black weather stripping. Thank you.
  7. I used them on my R180 anchor and swim platform hatches. I was lucky enough to find the first generation of these hinges on sale at a reduced price. They work great. Highly recommend using them.
  8. Hi Everybody, Can anyone tell me the size of the trim tabs on their R180. I'm looking to add a set to my 2013 R180. I looked at the Lenco's. Not sure if the 9 X 9 kit is enough should I consider the 9 x 12 instead. Thanks for any input.
  9. I was wondering if anybody has added cleats mid-ship on their center console. I contacted Robalo and they didn't want to give any advise I guess for fear of law suit. I can get to underneath of gunnel through speaker hole and realize I need a nice backing plate to add strength. I was just wanted to know if anyone attempted this in the past. Thank you. Chris
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