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  1. Hello, I'm new to boating. We are taking our 206S to the beach next week. I'll be docking it at a marina for 10 days. Can you recommend how to care for the boat(and trailer) before, during and after having it in the salt for 10 days? Thanks for all the help!
  2. Hey everyone, I purchased a 206S recently and love it. I have had a few issues with it but overall, pretty happy with it. I will be traveling to Oak Island next week, and will be keeping it at a marina there for the 10 days we are there. It will be sitting out in the open tied up at the dock. We won't be using it every day we are there. What all do I need to do to make sure it's safe and secure? I had it at the service center this past weekend and asked them to check and make sure the auto bilge worked correctly, and they said it did. My question is, what buttons do I need to have turned on in order for the auto bilge to work? Or will it work on it's own and the button on the helm is a manual bilge turn on? Do I need to leave the battery switch always left on in order for the auto bilge to work? Sorry for all the newbie questions...just don't want to come back to my boat after a big thunderstorm and find it sitting at the bottom. Anything else I should be concerned about with leaving it that long? Thanks again!
  3. clemsondds

    206 Fishfinder/GPS Mount

    Anyone mount a fishfinder/gps on the deck or above the console? I hate to put holes and a bracket on the deck of boat...trying to figure out another option. If it was used 100% for fishing then it's not a problem, but with using it alot for family boating, I'm afraid the bracket would get in the way. Anyone have any ideas on how to utilize a fishfinder when on the deck pedestal seat? I'm having one put on the console...but am concerned I'll really want to be able to see the fishfinder when up on the deck fishing. Thoughts?
  4. clemsondds

    Bought a 206S...what next??

    Ok thanks! Is there a website where you can see the cover? I haven't been able to find one. Also, anyone have any opinions on electronics (fish finder, trolling motor...) Thanks again!
  5. clemsondds

    Bought a 206S...what next??

    Hello Everyone! So I finally decided on a boat (robalo 206S) and will pick it up sometime soon. This will be my first boat, so I would appreciate a little advice. Here are a few of the questions I have. Should I get insurance? I assume I should, so if so, what insurance company do you recommend? What kind of boat cover do you recommend? I am going to look for a storage unit where I can keep it inside, but if I can't find one close by, then I guess I'll keep it at the house. Either way, I'll need a cover for it. Does robalo make a cover for the 206 or should I go custom? If so, what company? I plan to get a trolling motor and sonar...any recommendations on when and what I should get? I know there's a ton of options here. Plan to do mostly bass fishing with the occasional ICW trip. I was looking at the riptide 80lb 60" ipilot with a hummingbird electronics. Should I get this all installed by the dealer? (my closest dealer is 1.5 hours away). I just don't want to void my warranty...not sure how all of this works. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I am not new to boating...been on boats my whole life...just tired of renting. But this is the first boat I have fully owned so should be a fun experience! Thanks again!
  6. clemsondds

    Help with new purchase R206s

    Thank you!!
  7. clemsondds

    Help with new purchase R206s

    Ok thanks. What I am really look for is anyone on here have experience with a 206 and a 115hp yamaha? Thanks
  8. clemsondds

    Help with new purchase R206s

    Hello, looking to make my first boat purchase. I am looking to do about 80% bass fishing in local small lakes and then 20% ICW fishing/cruising with family when we travel to the beach once or twice a year. I have researched everywhere and the new 206s is the only boat I can find with bow seating and yet fits the needs of bass fishing and ICW cruising. I was not planning to spend this much on a boat, but I just can't seem to find any other boat that would work. I have looked at carolina skiff 19/21 ultra elites but they seem too big and bulky for easily maneuvering in small lakes. I have looked at sea chaser line but they don't have bow seating. Anyway, to keep the cost down, I was looking at going with the 115hp Yamaha. Any thoughts on that? I spoke with a dealer yesterday at a boat show and he really recommended me not go with the 115 and said I have to go with the 150hp. But he also said robalo's are full of wood and he would stay away from them. Shocking...he didn't sell robalo's ha. Anyone have any experience with the 115hp on a 206? Just wondering if I will be greatly disappointed and if it will greatly reduce the value of the boat. Thank you for your thoughts and time! Any if anyone has any other thoughts or recommendations, I would love to hear them. Thank you!