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  1. Ken64

    Ptt switch cover

    Hi Haz n thank you for responding that cover is exactly what I was talking about thank you so much for your help fingers crossed that I don't break it but I see that a new cover cost 10 dollars so if I break it it's only 10 wasted thanks
  2. Ken64

    Ptt switch cover

    Hi all my question is does anyone know how to remove the prt cover on a remote control console it the old Style handle with no screws to remove the cover my ptt switch is not working rite any help is appreciate it Thank you
  3. Ken64

    Spark plug

    Hi all I have a question does anyone know or have any idea why my portside #3 cylinder sparkplug is getting rust on the sparkplug hex shell on a 225 optimax #3 cylinder is located on the bottom of the block I was thinking it mite be the drop hose or the fitting I noticed the plug after I fogged the cylinders so have to wait till spring to look at hose also the rust is only on the hex shell of the plug thank you