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  1. My 2018 R200 came with a 200 verado with a stainless steel prop.
  2. Pnoman

    R200 E-box

    I order a electronics box from my dealer in January, after a few weeks I was notified that the box was on back order until April 20. Today I received a e-mail stating that the manufacturer “Taylor” is again back ordering this until July. Does anyone have any recommendations for a quality after box? Thanks
  3. Mercury sounds like the only logical option, Ill be taking possession of my R200 with a 200 Mer. April 10 so I cant comment on the troll control but I’ve heard positive reviews, Maybe someone will chime in who has one. Good luck!
  4. If you with Mercury they have “troll control” which you can idle right down, In saying that have you considered solar panels with an inverter to charge your batteries?
  5. Thanks that might just work.
  6. I purchased a Humminbird Helix 12 , I don’t want to remove the factory Garmin 742 in my R200. I was wondering what options I have for mounting this large unit - anyone running this or something similar to a 12” screen. The boat has factory t-top. Thanks
  7. I have no problem purchasing the one from robalo, in fact I prefer going that route. The problem I have is with my dealers mark up knowing that its $699 US and that they want over $500 to install. I guess I was in the wrong business all theses years lol!
  8. Just purchased a 2018 R200, I won’t be picking it up for a few months due to the weather here in Canada. I asked my dealer to price out a factory electronics box, to my surprise they quoted me $1910.69 installed and $1371.68 if I install myself. I am very disappointed after spending just shy of $100,000 Canadian dollars on this boat that they would mark up the box that much. I has a US dealer qutoe me the box at $699 USD but he wasn’t able to provide a shipping quote because of not knowing the dimensions and weight of the box and thought it wouldn’t be worth it. So my question is does anyone h
  9. Pnoman


    I don’t know the exact measurement, I’ll be taking delivery of my new R200 in April. The dealer is installing a minn Kota with a 72 inch shaft.
  10. Pnoman


    Anyone have pictures of solid mounted riggers on a 200?
  11. Pnoman


    I’m also looking to install two Scotty 1106 on my soon to arrive R200 with gimble mounts, any worries about stress on the fibreglass if it get hung up on bottom?
  12. This is my first post, I just purchased a 2018 R200. My dealer had 4 left over 2018 that he wanted to move before the boat show in January. Its snowing here in Canada so they don’t sell many boats this time of year and are hungry for sales.
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