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  1. BillyD123

    Plant Tour

    Am i understanding this correctly? A Robalo dealer has to make the appointment for someone to take a factory tour? Hopefully a deposit on a new boat isn't required first.
  2. Tiz a pretty fish. Can you eat those things?
  3. Going to order up a new r222cc package. I'm a long time, in and offshore fly rodder. I admit a well thought out and installed cushion package looks like a $$$. But how does this sound? I'm thinking if going without bow cushions and combing pads. Only keeping the stock upholstery with the aft & forward cc seat. And a bolster type leaning post. Leaving me to do an after market wood grain SeaTek install on the gunnal tops and combing pad areas. My heavy lead eye flys are murder on motor cowls and gelcoat. The thought of pulling flyhooks out of beautiful expensive cushions just kills me. I'm
  4. Not sure on that, but I saw the charges on my local Robalo dealers build quote to me. And it was like. "I ain't paying that"
  5. BillyD123

    Boat Colors

    How's this, go with what you like?. Some color combos are strange but satisfying. Recently saw a Nauticstar 2302 in Seafoam green with black bottom. It was interesting. Years ago I had a 20' cc in Fighting Lady Yellow. Looked great with black bottom paint.
  6. It was a dead heat to build a Cobia or Robalo. Feel Robalo lay out is right for me. Although I'm still doing a Cobia factory tour this Friday. I saw some amazing progress pics from a dudes Cobia 220cc. He opted for deleting his pop up bow cleat and is having a Sampson Post installed! Man, talk about old school, classy and substantial looking. Reminds me of looking at $$$ 30' Boston Whalers that still install heavy weight highly polished deck cleats with no apologise. So this is what grinds my gears - paying for pop up cleats on a r222cc build. I don't care if they've been an extra since day 1.
  7. Yep, I'm actively researching my R222cc purchase for my retirement. Look at other options at times but always come back to the Robalo. It has to come in to my price point foor me to pull the trigger. My most interesting hurdle here in SWF is the dealer build process. My heart is set on an Evinrude 200 G2 over the Yammy. Dealers have other plans though. May be their bottom line I'm thinking. May visit the Chicago boat show and look for the outfit from Racine?
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