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  1. 2013 R207. Removing everything for new vinyl. Can't figure out how to remove center stern seat back (over live well) Help, dealer has been no help so far. Thanks.
  2. Has anyone else had this issue? I have what appears like a brown "rust" on the top of the side and bow vinyl pieces. It just appears on the tan sections, not the white. Have not found anything that removes it. And just appears on those pieces I can not cover with seat covers or remove and store. Boat is docked under a tree, but if sap or tree residue, why not also on white vinyl?
  3. Performed the following mods to my used 2013 R207. Rod holders installed in bow to hand holds. Bought type that can be rotated when installing bow cover. Dealer installed docking lights. (Wish they were brighter, but better than nothing). Installed 4' blocks under seats and reversed so knobs are in the inside. (Great improvement) "Organized Obie.com" has various nets and storage options. (Installed 3 by drivers console for wallet, phone, etc.) Option for Mat: Tractor Supply - Horse stall mats. Heavy as heck, can be cut with carpet knife, but black-will get hot in sun
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