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  1. Burban

    Tower for R272

    Does anyone know if Robalo has a tower with second controls for the R272 center console?
  2. Burban

    Outriggers on R272

    Thank you Full Throttle. My salesman has contacted the engineer that designed the t-top on the 272 and he is hoping to get a schematic sent to me. He indicated, the tops were reinforced with a fiberglass block between the outside and underside panels on the t-top in the location the outriggers will be mounted. I also called Gemlux, the outrigger manufacturer, and they said they have hundreds mounted on Robalo t-tops with the same design. Looks like I'm in the clear. Appreciate all the help from everyone.
  3. Burban

    Outriggers on R272

    Thanks Haz. Anyone have any experience with outriggers mounted through fiberglass t-top similar to the mounting Haz pictured? Not sure fiberglass can take the stress of extended outriggers in somewhat rough seas. Sure seems like a design flaw to me. Thoughts? Advice?
  4. Burban

    Outriggers on R272

    About to pull the trigger on a 272, but have a question regarding how the outriggers are mounted to the t-top. From the photos I've seen, it appears they are simply mounted through the fiberglass t-top, but surely there is framing through the top for mounting the outriggers. I didn't pay enough attention when I looked at one in the dealer's yard, so I'm looking for some guidance and an answer to the question - are the outriggers mounted through framing or just through the fiberglass t-top? Could be a deal killer for me. Thanks for your help.
  5. Burban

    Build it prices

    Thanks Full Throttle. I can also see the "NAP", but after clicking on "Build your R302" the pricing doesn't show. Neither does the total price as you add selections. I'm looking at the R302 or R272 and could get pricing including all selections in the past. Might just be a temporary glitch in Robalo's site.
  6. Burban

    Build it prices

    What happened to the build it prices on the Robalo site? Pricing shows up on my iPad, but not on my laptop. Any ideas?
  7. Burban

    2019 27'CC

    Thanks Jsanzare. Do you have the specs? Beam width, etc. Where could I find this information?
  8. Burban

    2019 27'CC

    I was told about the 27' at the Houston Summer Boat Show. The next I heard or saw anything about it was when I joined the forum and saw Boatdogz post. It make sense to come up with something between the 24' and 30'. They're missing a market segment with the large gap in sizes.
  9. Burban

    2019 27'CC

    Appreciate the update Boatdogz.
  10. Burban

    2019 27'CC

    Any more news regarding a new 27'CC for 2019? Will it be available by year-end?