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  1. MB19565

    Switch Panel Electrical Issue- Where to Start?

    After Dealing with on and off issues with my Raw water pump and courtesy lights. I have Isolated the issue- I'm happy to report that I finally got around to testing out the actual Switch on the Ports Side Panel. the Issue described above originates from the Rocker (or Toggle) switch itself. Both the courtesy lights and Raw water pump operate normally when connected to one of the spare accessory switches at the bottom of the Panel. This is good news! Does anyone have ideas as to where I might be able to purchase a couple of new Rocker Switches for my 2013 R200? The Robalo Parts Guide only mentions the panel as a whole.
  2. MB19565

    Switch Panel Electrical Issue- Where to Start?

    Thanks for Responding haz. the courtesy lights I'm talking about being on under low power are under the Port and Starboard gunnels. Battery switch is on and Toggle switch on the port site panel is off. The courtesy light in the live well comes on under low power only when the Raw water pump comes on under low power- Same scenario- Battery Switch on, Toggle switch on the Port Side panel is off. If i turn either toggle switch on- those systems- Raw Water, Court lights come on normally. Planning to swap out the Switch tomorrow regardless but also hoping it solves all problems. Hoping that the battery switch is the root of it all. Thanks so much for the interest in and time spent responding to my questions!
  3. MB19565

    Switch Panel Electrical Issue- Where to Start?

    I am planning to replace the Battery Switch again as I think it will solve one of my issues- the fact that in position 1 the battery isn't engaged unless i move the switch slightly off position. However- as I think more about it- could a faulty battery switch be causing the courtesy light to be on constantly (dim) and for the Raw water pump to come on under low voltage? This behavior points to voltage leaking backward (as the switches are off) Right? could a faulty Battery switch cause that?
  4. MB19565

    Switch Panel Electrical Issue- Where to Start?

    I think you might be right. I replaced mine last year after it split in half. Right around the same time this all started happening I thought one of bartteries died. Took it out put it on the charger and it was fine. Reinstalled it this morning and it was “Dead”. I wiggled the battery switch ever so slightly and sure enough it came right on. I will say no amount of wiggling seemed to impact the low powered courtesy lights. Regardless, I think my next move is to swap out the battery switch again. Which I am dreading but thinking it might be easier second time around. Thanks for all all the posts and suggestions I appreciate it. I’ll keep this updated, especially if I solve this mystery!
  5. MB19565

    Switch Panel Electrical Issue- Where to Start?

    haz- I do have the Wiring Diagrams but didn't think to check the grounds (Electrical is not my strong suit). I'll start there!. I'll take any advice or ideas you might have. I am pretty sure that do have the Shurflo (I think so anyway, I've never changed the pump)- i'll look that up and confirm on the boat. I'll also update this thread with anything i find until i find a solution so it is an opportunity for others who have the same or similar issue. I really appreciate your willingness to help- you posed some spot on advice on another thread about the battery Switch issue that saved me hours of time and frustration.
  6. 2013 R200 Yesterday I noticed that the courtesy lights were very dimly on- Although the switch is off. I turned the switch on and they came on with normal brightness. Turned the switch off- and they stayed on but Dim. Also I noticed that my Raw Water pump was turning on and off without me flipping the switch. similar to the courtesy lights, the raw water pump would run almost under low power (Steady Trickle in the live well). When I tun the power on to the Raw water the pump comes on Full blast- turn it off and it will go back to intermittently being on under low power. Both of these switches are on the Port side Panel on the console. Question- How to start Troubleshooting? When it was just the courtesy lights- I thought it was possibly a worn out Switch- but with both the Raw water and Cout lights- it's clearly a more systemic issue. Any Ideas as to where to begin Troubleshooting this issue? What could possibly cause these systems to be on under low power although the switches are off? Thank you in Advance!!
  7. MB19565

    R200 with Yamaha 150 Prop size

    I have a 2013 R200 with a Yam 150 4 stroke. My Prop (stainless) is a Quicksilver Silverado R14.5 X 17P. It is the prop that came with the boat. I just had it refurbished and it cost me $230. I think if i were to have to do it again I might just look into getting an aluminum prop, the performance cant be that much better, and I'm not racing the boat- Just fishing and cruising with the family.
  8. You could check the strainer, it could be clogged? My strainer is located under the port side jump seat. Just be sure to close the intake valve if you decide to open up the strainer. The intake valve is located in the stern under the round access port near the motor on my 2013 R200.
  9. Happy New Year Everyone! Santa Brought a new pair of Binoculars to use on my boat (2013 R200 with T-top). Binoculars are fairly Large- They are from West Marine (Coastal 200 7x50). Curious to hear if anyone has found a secure, out of the way- but accessible spot to store their Binoculars? I am looking at some of the Simple Binocular holders that I could mount or put on the helm in front of the windscreen. I would like to hear what others have done to keep their binoculars out the way, secure from falling but still accessible when you want to grab them quickly? If it helps I'll be using the binoculars mostly for spotting fish and Birds on fish. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts advice and experience!
  10. MB19565

    Battery Switch Problems

    One thing just occurred to me- If so many Robalo Owners have had this issue- why isn't there a recall? I know that my boat was routinely serviced by the Robalo Dealer that I bought it from in February and if there was a recall this could have been avoided. I am not asking this question as a complaint but more of a real concern for the safety of other owners who's switch hasn't failed yet. My switch failed suddenly with little warning. I was fishing in the Piscataqua River in NH. The Piscataqua is a busy commercially used River that separates NH and Maine- with a notoriously Strong current (37th fastest tidal current in North America). I noticed that my chartplotter had shutoff then restarted a couple of times within a few minutes. I immediately started to head back to my slip and my boat lost all power JUST as I had reached a safe area where I was able to anchor and wait for a tow. There are a lot of "what if's" here that to be honest I'm having a hard time shaking. What if i hadn't made the decision to move? what if my kids were on board...?
  11. MB19565

    Battery Switch Problems

    Switch has been Replaced. It wasn't fun but i'm happy that I now have a solid Switch. Thanks so much for the advice haz. Removing the rubber boots from the front of the circuit breakers and pushing them out the back of the electrical panel faceplate was SO helpful- Getting unfettered access to the plate to swap out the switch was Key!. Also the tip to swap out the machine screws was also super helpful.
  12. MB19565

    Battery Switch Problems

    Thanks so much! This Just happened to me last night. I've already bought the replacement part from west marine. I'll contact Blue Sea for reimbursement. Also your description of the nuts that are hard to get a wrench onto is right on-. These are the circled ones below right? I struggled to get 2 of them off last night (after I had to be towed to the Dock). They just spun when using the Philips head and I couldn't get a good grip on them with Pliers or anything.
  13. MB19565

    Handheld Spotlight Recomendations

    Responding back to this to admit that You are indeed correct- there IS a 12V cigarette lighter port on the left side of the dash. I have no idea how i could possibly have missed this, especially when i have specifically looked for it! I've spent over 100hrs on the boat this year and cant believe i missed it. Boy do i fee like a dummy. Thanks for the Help and Responses! Planning to look into the Streamlight in any case.
  14. MB19565

    Handheld Spotlight Recomendations

    I will have to look at my boat again- it is a 2013. I've put over 100 hours on it this year- i'll be pretty embarrassed if that socket is there and I missed it!
  15. I am Looking for recommendations for a handheld spotlight for my R200. I mostly fish inshore <2miles out. I would like to have one on the boat for Safety purposes in case i get into a jam. LED and rechargeable would be best? Just in case i'm missing something...The boat came with a handheld spotlight that had a 12V male cigarette lighter style plug on it. There is not a Female 12V plug on the boat so i'm not sure how or if the previous owner used it. I recently purchased a 2013 R200- I could not be happier. This forum is very helpful to me as this is my first boat. Thanks so much for the help.