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  1. I have an R222 and found out that if the valve that regulates the flow of water inside of the baitwell is in the closed position, the pumps will not run. So, make sure that valave and also the ball cock valve are open.
  2. Try bleach. Also, your boat is five years old. Why would it be a warranty issue.
  3. I have found the Garmin support team to be good. Only on one occasion did I feel I was not getting the correct answer. I then waited a day and called back and got someone else that solve the issue. The first thing you need to do is update the software on your Garmin unit. It is easy to do. YouTube has videos on this. After you updated the software, see if the problem continues. If it continues, reset the unit to factory defaults. If your transponder is an Airmar or Garmin transponder, it should work fine.
  4. OGR

    Lenco Zincs?

    Yes. That is where the sacrificial anode (zinc) goes. I doubt it completely erroded is that short of a time. Perhaps it cracked when it was tightened.
  5. OGR

    Build it prices

    view it from a laptop. Then when you go to summary, you can see the final price
  6. Any idea where I can purchase on at less of an angle, like 15 degrees
  7. Insurance inspector, if trained and any experience, has to know about soot turning acidic and etching all of the surfaces. It will also corrode metal. Also, what about the upholstery and the foam inside of it. The smoke smell will be there. I am a public insurance adjuster and I also own a restoration company that does fire cleanup. If the soot has been on the boat for over a week, etching is inevitable... too late
  8. OGR

    Build it prices

    Burban, the price didn’t show when I viewed it from my cell phone. When I used my iPad the prices showed. Also, use the summary tab
  9. One other thing about your R222. Be very careful cleaning the raised Hook decal on the sides of the boat. Use a soft bristle brush. The pointy ends of the decal will peel back. The point is so thin, that there is not much adhesive surface. I was wiping the sides on the boat with a towel and the threads of the towel got caught up on the points. Enjoy the boat. I ran mine for three hours yesterday. Runs nice.
  10. Another way to fish the cables through the aluminum t top tubing is unsung a magnet. What is needed: Stong Magnet One 4-40 or 6-32 zinc coated nut or steel nut. NOT STAINLESS STEEL Braided fishing line (the thinnest the better) Tie the braided line to the steel nut and insert it in the tube. Using the powerful magnet, slowly run it on the t top tubing thus pulling the nut and braided tile through the tubing. You are using the magnetic pull to move the nut within the tubing. You may want to place a piece of masking tape on the magnet to avoid scratching the t top alumi
  11. DonT get the snake camera stuck within the tube
  12. You used the corrrct words “patience and determination”
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