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  1. Should have been a full tank. Hopefully just a miss on the dealers end. Filling up the fuel cell should be a small price to pay for customer loyalty and return business.
  2. h2o.nhk


    Your 200 should have stainless u-bolts through bolted on the transom on either side of the motor. Hooking a bridle to these would make a much better tow point than the pop up cleats.
  3. I was looking into this as well. Instead of adding other cushions, I was going to have an upholstery shop make one large cushion with a seam hinge on the same line as the bow fish box hinge. snaps would remain in the same location as they are now. This would fill the entire area with one cushion but still allow easy access to the storage underneath and avoid having to add more snaps to the deck.
  4. I own a R160 with the 70hp yamaha. Its a great little boat and serves us well. 99% of the time I have the scuppers plugged off in the back simply because we aren't out in big water very often. We did get caught in a thunderstorm once, and it was easy to pull the scupper plugs and drain the water out while underway. We are a family of 5 with 3 kids under the age of 12 plus a 30lb beagle. If the wife and and a kid are in the rear jump seats and we have full fuel cell (~17gal), it takes a little bit to get on a plane. Top end is around 33mph trimmed out with all 5 of us on board. If I'm solo with 1/4tank of fuel I can hit 35mph and it obviously gets on a plane much faster. If I had to do it all over again, I probably would have opted for the 90hp. Loosing the self bailing capability really doesn't mean that much to us now. The extra HP would be more beneficial. All around its a great boat and we really enjoy it.
  5. The picture of the R160 helm shown above is a little deceiving. A passenger (standing or sitting) has plenty of room in front of the throttle.
  6. I was doing a little more research on this. What i found interesting was the Yamaha F70LA performance bulletin published back on 3-25-2015 showed a different prop than what is currently on my boat. The performance bulletin called out a 13.5 x 15 aluminum prop. My 2018 came with a 13.625 x 14 aluminum. The performance data on the 13.5x15 showed better performance with respect to time to plane (4.04sec) and overall top end (37.4mph) than the 2019 boattest.com review of the Robalo. The boattest.com review doesn't indicate what prop they are running but both both the performance bulletin and boattest trialed the boat with very similar conditions and loads. My performance matches closer to what boattest indicated (6.0sec time to plane and 35.1mph top end). I also noticed that i turn 6100 rpm WOT, while the service bulletin called out 6300. 2 second better hole shot and 2mph increase on top end makes me wonder if i shouldn't be running a 13.5 x 15 instead of my current 13.625 x 14. I don't think the hull has changed since 2015, but maybe I'm wrong. Just seems like an all around better prop for the boat. Here is the link to the Yamaha performance bulletin data: https://yamahaoutboards.com/en-us/home/outboards/115-50-hp/70-50/f70/pb_rob_r160_f70la_2015-03-25_occ And here is the link to the boattest.com 2019 review. https://www.boattest.com/review/robalo/3392_r160
  7. h2o.nhk

    Eraser pads

    a magic erase will most definitely leave swirl marks on your gel coat. I recommend 50% vinegar 50% water solution to start. If that doesn't work, try '"The Works" toilet bowl cleaner. It has a 12% hydrochloric acid concentration and will dissolve water spots. Just note that both the vinegar solution and the acid solution will remove any wax in that area as well. You will need to re-apply a fresh coat of wax when finished.
  8. Did the Yamaha dealer give you any feedback on the 13 pitch prop?
  9. Other than a bug collector, the windscreen trailers well in the up position at typical highway speeds. Just make sure the hand knobs and brackets are snugged down good. If you're traveling a long way, a little bit of shrink wrap around the windscreen and console saves a ton of time cleaning off bugs.
  10. Trailering un-covered is your best bet. If we plan on trailering a long way and at highway speeds, we pull out the scuppers, remove the drain plug, and wrap the console and bimini boot with plastic stretch wrap (we lower the bimini onto PVC poles set in the back rod holders to keep it out of the wind and off the deck). Keeps everything dry and clean (no bugs!) and is cheap and easy to remove. If we do hit any rain, what doesn't run out the scuppers in the back goes out the bilge drain.
  11. Looking to upgrade the transducer to my Garmin Echomap 53CV. My boat came with a generic Airmar thru-hull transducer that doesn't have clearvu capabilities. Garmin recommends the transom mount GT23M-TM unit. With the extended running hull on these boats, does anyone have a good picture of a transom mounted transducer on an R160?
  12. great information and feedback. Thanks guys.
  13. Does anyone happen to know the hose size that feeds the live well on a 2018 R160? We use the live well for storage and I would like to add a ball valve after the pump to prevent water from mistakenly getting sprayed if one of the kids flips the live well on. Thanks.
  14. The 70 works well. I get ~36mph on smooth water with just me a 18gal of fuel/gear. If I have the whole family (5 of us) I get about 34mph. Just takes longer to get on a plane with a full boat. Best cruise is 25mph at 4000rpm.
  15. Babybalo, is that a custom swim platform/ladder/rod holder? Does it just mount to the transom with POH screws and 5200? Looks like the ladder gets some of its strength from the rod holder frame that's mounted to the back casting platform. I have always worried about just using screws with no backer plate on the transom.
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