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  1. Manfraj

    R265 refrigerator

    Thanks for your reply. I have disassembled The drawers but still not enough clearance to get behind the unit and can’t slide the refrigerator out far enough because the step is in the way. Very poor engineering. Robalo can’t even tell me how to do it.
  2. Manfraj

    R265 refrigerator

    I have a 2007 R265. Has anyone had a problem with their Isotherm refrigerator? There is not enough room to slide it out of the console to get to the back of it. The step is in the way and cannot be removed. Anyone experienced the same problem?
  3. I am trying to get to the back of my isotherm refrigerator in my 2007 R265. I cannot slide the refrigerator out of the cabinet far enough to get to the back of the refrigerator to check the electronics box and thermostat. The step is in the way. Does anyone have experience with this?
  4. Manfraj

    R265 refrigerator

    Al - the only electrical panel by the galley is the shore power panel. That is on and refrigerator switch is on.
  5. Manfraj

    R265 refrigerator

    Thx. Some fuses there but nothing that says refrigerator. Couple say “device “ and others “bus.” Will call Robalo tomorrow. They might know exactly where it’s at.
  6. Manfraj

    R265 refrigerator

    I have a 2007 r265. Great boat but not getting power to refrigerator. Where is fuse located?