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    Trolling motor for R180

    Want to get one for my 2018 R 180. What size trolling motor is good for this boat ? What are you all using? Show some pics on how you mounted to not get in the way of anchor locker. Thanks.
  2. Fcapojr

    R180 Folding Windshield

    Those measurements are incorrect. They weld a metal stopper on the bracket so when u fold windshield down it doesn't fall all the way down and hits the trottle control. It adds about 4-6 inches above the center console. I cut the weld off so windshield folds completely but it still stuck up another two inches. The only way to get all the down is to put trottle all the way in reverse. My garage is 7 feet though. I remove windshield Everytime. Just be careful the first time u put it in . Love my R180 though
  3. Fcapojr

    2018 R160

    Boated in Sandy Hook bay my whole life. Go with the R180. You'll get more use out of it then R160.