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  1. Blue Crab

    VHF antenna on R207

    Excellent, thanks for your help. I just ordered the same radio (Icom M400BB), a Shakespeare 5225XT Galaxy VHF Antenna, and frequency splitter. I checked and the radio supports the older NMEA 0183 standard which is fine because the Garmin 742xs supports that protocol as well as the newer NMEA 2000.
  2. Blue Crab

    Mooring cover for R207.

    I'm looking for a cover too (R207 with ski tow bar cutouts). Should I just buy the cover from Robalo? What's the quality of the Robalo cover?
  3. Blue Crab

    What prop for R207 with 200hp?

    My new R207 w/Yamaha 200 came from the factory with a Yamaha Reliance (SDS) 14 1/4" 17-M prop. Mine easily does 48 MPH.
  4. Blue Crab

    VHF antenna on R207

    Did you connect the Icom radio to a GPS like the Garmin 742? If so, does it include the NMEA cable?
  5. Blue Crab

    Thinking About Robalo R207

    Excellent, thanks for confirming that speed. I won't be running that fast, but it's nice to know I'll have the extra 4-5 MPH if I'm out-running a storm.
  6. Blue Crab

    Stains on 1 year old vinyl

    Robalo partnered with Naugahyde (https://www.naugahyde.com/) for the vinyl in their 2019 models. Robalo is calling it "Ovations" featuring "BeautyGard Supreme". You might want to request the new vinyl for any warranty replacements.
  7. Blue Crab

    Tow Vehicle

    I'm just ordered a new R207 with Coyote trailer. They told me that the trailer for my boat will weight 880 pounds, I'm sure it's very similar (if not identical) to your R206.
  8. Blue Crab

    Yamaha Fuel Water Separating Filter

    Good to know, thanks!
  9. Blue Crab

    Yamaha Fuel Water Separating Filter

    Does Robalo include a Yamaha 10-micron Marine Fuel Water Separating Filter on their boats? https://yamahaoutboards.com/en-us/utility/blog/february-2017/gasoline-basics I've always had a water separating fuel filter on my boats in the past, just need to know if I need to install one on my soon-to-be-delivered R207.
  10. Blue Crab

    Lifting the boat off the trailer

    Here's another way to accomplish the job. https://www.auroramarine.com/main/ask-the-skipper/getting-under-the-trailer-bunks-to-clean-the-boat-bottom/
  11. Blue Crab

    Thinking About Robalo R207

    Make sure you're running 89 octane (mid-grade) fuel, Yamaha specs show that the F200 engine requires it for optimum performance. I've been told that you can run 87 octane in the engine, but the computer will retard engine timing to prevent pre-detonation thus lowering its performance.
  12. Blue Crab

    upholstery stickiness ? plasticizer migration

    For what it's worth, I just ordered a 2019 R207 and my dealer told me that as of 2019, new boats are equipped with upgraded "Naugahyde" upholstery.
  13. Blue Crab

    R207 modifications

    I just ordered a new R207, so my mind is already buzzing with things to add to the boat (I am expecting December delivery). First, has anyone added aftermarket removable carpeting to the R207? I didn't want to spend $1000 for the factory option, don't want snap heads all over the deck of my boat. I'd rather have something that's heavy enough to stay in place without using snaps. Second, the area in front of the passenger seat, the head compartment, needs a glove compartment and/or a tray on top to hold wallets, phones, etc... Does anyone have any suggestions for that? Any other modifications to recommend? I do plan to do the seat modification (raise them 2"). Thanks!
  14. Blue Crab

    Thinking About Robalo R207

    Wyndy, what kind of performance can I expect from the F200? During our sea trial, the R207 w/F150 was able to do 43 MPH. I'm hoping that the F200 will do at least 48+ MPH.
  15. Blue Crab

    Thinking About Robalo R207

    I enjoyed reading this thread! I just made my down-payment on a new 2019 R207 with F200XB (December delivery). I plan to use the boat in the Chesapeake Bay, so I'm very happy to hear that this boat can handle the chop. I'm coming from an old Sea Ray bowrider with I/O, so I'm spoiled by the power steering in that boat... you can steer it with one finger at any speed, even while coming up on plane. So, I'm trying to get Robalo to install the SeaStar Power Assist (it's available on the R247, so I know they have it). It's expensive but it should provide the same level of steering comfort that I had with my old I/O. It's going to be a long 8 weeks. And an even longer winter. But 2019 should be full of fun-filled days on the water!