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  1. Noticed that the 2020 models have a leather-wrapped steering wheel option. Would love to have one of these as I hate the bare metal (every time I reach for the wheel, my wedding band makes a clinking sound). My old SeaRay had this and I liked it, more sportier. Anyone have a photo of the new steering wheel? Or maybe a retrofit?
  2. Maybe your dealer included shipping and sales tax? Mine was $68.49 including part ($28.92), shipping from Robalo to dealer ($17.83), shipping from dealer to me ($20.00) and sales tax ($1.74).
  3. Paperwork says: Part No. 38.01657 Make: ROB Description: CUP TRAY Price: $28.92 Mine is gray, the same color as the dashboard on my 2019 R207.
  4. I believe you press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons at the same time to get into the settings menu, then you can scroll through bass, treble, balance, fader, etc...
  5. I just received the part from my dealer, it looks like it's going to fit nicely! I transcribed the angles to a piece of cardboard and it looks like they are good! So, in a few months, I'll get out the Dremmel and cut out the necessary holes and secure it with MarineTex, then a little marine caulking to finish it off.
  6. Do you have the Yamaha NMEA 2000 module installed on your boat? And do you have a NMEA 2000 compatible GPS unit connected to the bus? If so, then Yamaha automatically pulls the speed from the GPS unit and not via water pressure. Try turning off the GPS which will force it to switch back to water pressure mode.
  7. I was able to buy mine from a non-local dealer. My local dealer was ignoring me, so I approached another dealer who was twice the distance away from me. That dealer told me that I needed to go through my local dealer, but when I told him that I was not happy with that dealer he said OK and not a problem.
  8. A guy on Facebook installed one, looks nice. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1711553655771436/permalink/2350316981895097/
  9. Is there a way to calibrate the fuel gauge? I burned 20 gallons in my R207 and the fuel gauge showed 1/2 tank (should read 1/2 tank at 30 gallons).
  10. I haven't had time to follow up with my dealer. This might turn into an off-season project.
  11. My dealership quoted me $28.70 for the tray and $17.07 for each cup holder. I asked him if he could eyeball the R227 tray to see if he thinks it might work in the R207 and I haven't heard back. I still want to do this but I've been busy.
  12. Nice, thanks for sharing, not too crazy about the color choices (tan or black) since my boat has deepwater blue vinyl, but a great solution. I'll have to look for some in white.
  13. I'd like to add a drink holder/tray to the top of my head compartment on my R207. The same type of tray that's available on the R227 (see photos). Anyone know if the R227 tray will fit the R207? If so, how would I order it? And, if not, any suggestions for something similar that's aftermarket? Thanks!
  14. I took delivery of my R207 in February and, yes, it did come with the separator.
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