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  1. kirk35

    2018 R200 T-Top

    I thought I would update this in case any potential Robalo buyers stumble upon this thread. I ordered the T-Top on June 14th and as of today it still hasn't shipped from the factory. Robalo quoted a two week delivery. I've had to order a few other things for the boat and even with the Hull ID they still manage to send the wrong parts. This company has the worst customer service I've ever experienced, there is no support after the sale. I know for a fact that my dealer has made numerous phone calls and sent emails to the factory with no response. If I knew then what I know now, I would have purchased a Tidewater instead.
  2. kirk35

    What prop for R207 with 200hp?

    I'm in a similar situation. I just purchased the R200 w/ a 140 Suzuki. First trip out I knew performance was way below what I expected. My first thought was that they had installed the wrong prop. I posted over on http://bandofboaters.com and Ken from prop gods looked over the data I put together. He noticed right away that my WOT fuel consumption was low, 8 GPH vs. the 12 GPH that I should be burning. Hopefully it is just a quick adjustment to the throttle linkage to get the performance where I need it to be. I mention all this because I'm not sure the dealer always gets everything set correctly. What is your WOT RPM? Fuel Consumption? Does the boat plane quickly? And definitely contact Ken.
  3. kirk35

    How far offshore

    I just purchased the R200 to replace my Angler 204FX. The Angler routinely saw 35-40 miles off-shore for the better part of a decade. So far the R200 feels just as capable. Keep a good eye on the weather and as stated above make sure you have the appropriate gear.
  4. kirk35

    Garmin 7610 on R200

    Not exactly what you're looking for, but I installed a Simrad Go7 and there is still plenty of room. A 10" display shouldn't be a problem. You can download the installation template for the Garmin unit here ---->https://support.garmin.com/support/manuals/manuals.htm?partNo=010-01306-13&language=en&country=US This would be the most accurate way to determine fit.
  5. kirk35

    Ordering Parts

    I agree 100%. I bought my R200 off the lot and it's taken me 2 weeks to get an answer about buying some of the "optional accessories" I wanted to add to the boat. OP, If you're looking to stay inexpensive you can go with vinyl decals that can be purchased on ebay and a standard off the shelf stainless drink holder which can be purchased at most marine dealers. If you want OEM your Robalo dealer is the only option.
  6. kirk35

    2018 R200 T-Top

    I got a response from my dealer this afternoon. They can get the anodized T-top with black canvas and four rod holders for $3,567.20. The price is comparable with local custom builders. The bonus is that Robalo says I can get it in 2 weeks, local builders all have 8-10 week waiting lists! I still haven't decided if I want a box or the bag or both. I'll probably go with just the bag for now it will be nice to get the life preservers out of the head compartment.
  7. kirk35

    2018 R200 T-Top

    Does anyone know if the factory T-top can be purchased through Robalo? I purchased my R200 off the lot with no top and the dealer doesn't seem interested in going through Robalo, they want to bring in someone to fabricate a custom top on their lot. I don't have an issue with a custom top, but I really like the Robalo installed tops.