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    Garmin Transducer

    Recently took delivery of a R202 with the thru the hull factory transducer and the Garmin 742XS, have had some glitches but has been much better then the rear mounted transducer I had on an older boat. Transducer gives clear picture even at speeds of around 25 to 35 mph. Live in Maine where in some of the rivers and lakes the bottom picture can change quickly and so far the one thru the hull has been great very quick to respond. I would go with the thru hull transducer, done at the factory so will be done hopefully right, heard of some after market issues with leaks from friends who all said have it done while boat is being built. The Garmin unit itself little bit of technology over load at first but Garmin real good at making a easy owners guide and the unit itself is intuitive. Making it easy to customize to your needs.