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  1. LewesR180

    R180 Folding Windshield

    hi bboy, could you pass on the make and model of that trailer, I would greatly appreciate that
  2. LewesR180

    R180 Folding Windshield

    Hi RickR160, lol, yes, I have a pre-pack list before heading to the ramp, I will definitely make sure that's on the list, big thanks for the feedback,
  3. LewesR180

    R180 Folding Windshield

    thanks RickR160, I did, my garage height clearance is 7'11" does the windshield rattle at all when your under way?
  4. LewesR180

    R180 Folding Windshield

    I'm getting ready to order a R180 and need the folding windshield as the boat has to be in the garage per HOA, anyone have any experience/comments, good or bad with the folding windshield?