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  1. wayne connors

    Fuel tank

    I have a 2018 R200 and have the same tape over a hole on top of the tank. I want to pull it off to see what it’s covering but I am afraid to. Why is it there?
  2. The only time you would have to do it if you have a leak or break a fitting off of the hydraulic steering like I did.
  3. Been through it with my old boat. What you do if you have any oil left just put it into an empty container. But do what works best for you.
  4. Bob The hose is for the hydraulic steering. The steering fluid come in a quart bottle like motor oil does. The end of the hose screws onto the bottle, the push pin is used to put a pin hole in the bottom of the quart bottle so the oil will come out.
  5. I have a 2018 R200 and had no problem flush mounting a 9” Raymarine Axiom. The Robalo sticker over the steering wheel will peel off. I just put to on the steering column. I tried to add a picture but the file is larger than allowed. pM me and I can send pictures
  6. The friction hinges are a great idea for the anchor locker on my R200 and also for the livewell. The anchor locker is an accident waiting to happen when trying to drop the anchor in a chop.
  7. I put a 9” Raymarine Axiom in my 2018 R200 and I could go up to a 12” Axiom.
  8. Cut out a section and get a coupling to put the two remaining pieces back together again. That way you don’t have to replace the top piece that prevents bait from going down the drain tube
  9. The one in the back of the console is a USB if your music is on a flash drive that’s what it’s for. I just Bluetooth it from my phone. You can always get a USB extension cord so you don’t have to remove the back of the console cover.
  10. I have read the owners manual for my 2018 R200 and it only shows two lifting points for straps. I want to pull my boat out of the water to repair my transducer mount. I have two davits available. One has a spreader bar for the stern the other will pick up the bow. My question is are the lifting eyes on the boat suitable for this? I will have the boat “hanging for about a half day. The davits are rated at 5,500# each.
  11. The factory supplied trim tab zincs don’t last very long. Mine were almost gone after 2 months. I replaced them with the next larger size, I think 4”. My boat stays in the water all summer. You better check the one mounted to the bottom of the motor bracket just above the drain plug on your boat.
  12. Looking at the pictures you posted of your seat bracket it looks like the mounting holes are slotted and if loosened the seat bracket can be moved back a little bit to let the seat cover the opening.
  13. I have to look at my boat but I think my bracket is a little farther to the stern. My seats completely cover the opening. It looks like if you bent the piece of metal a little that would solve the problem. It looks like you can get a piece os 2x on edge and hit it a couple of times with a hammer you can bend the piece towards the stern without damaging it or the paint . Does that make sense? I’m with you on this problem. I am going to use your copper tubing flare idea this weekend. I was thinking of using the same gasket material used on the live well on the rear seat areas. Did you put one or two copper drains on each seat?
  14. I am confused how does the seat not cover the opening? The gasket you put on shouldn’t cause that to happen.
  15. wayne connors


    I never have and haven’ Had a problem
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