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  1. Wyndy

    upholstery stickiness ? plasticizer migration

    Sadly, I found lots of pink on my port seat today.
  2. Wyndy

    R207 Drink Holder/Tray for Head Compartment

    Wow, what a great idea
  3. Wyndy


    Here is my 2018 that was in the water 5 months. Anyone else have rust like this?
  4. Wyndy

    VHF antenna on R207

    here is mine folded
  5. Wyndy

    Lenco Zincs?

    Just took my new boat out of the water. After cleaning the gunk off of the trim tabs there was an obvious clean circle with a loose screw in the center. Could that be a zinc that eroded to zero in 6 months?
  6. Wyndy

    Console Backlit Switches

    My R207 (2018) has backlit switches
  7. Wyndy


    How do you winterize the raw water pump system? Thanks
  8. Wyndy

    Battery Switch Problems

    Boat was built May 2018. Looks like back of switch is Black.
  9. Wyndy

    R207 modifications

    I bought a white plastic Shower Caddy that is held on with large suction cups. Located it near the throttle. I put my wallet, keys and cell phone in it. its about 4 inches deep and nothing falls out.
  10. Wyndy

    Battery Switch Problems

    My switch just started failing. Only works on #2. Waiting a week for my Robalo dealer to reply to me.
  11. Wyndy

    Thinking About Robalo R207

    With one aboard it hits 48mph at 5,900 rpm
  12. Wyndy

    Thinking About Robalo R207

    I have the 2018 R207 with the F200. Wanted to go fast when the water was smooth. Also liked the seating better on the 207 over the 227. 11 inches longer for $12,000 does not make sense.
  13. Wyndy

    Yamaha Four Stroke Shortage

    The delay was three weeks. Break in is 20 hours
  14. Wyndy

    Rust on the Bimini

    My R207 is less than 3 months old and the bimini is rusting.
  15. Wyndy

    R207 bouyancy

    Does the R207 have to follow USGC buoyancy requirements?