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  1. Antone know where the factory underwater lights wires terminate on a R207? Thanks
  2. I store mine in the head on my R207
  3. Here is the 4 rung ladder. transferred the hole pattern from the 3 rung, had to drill one new hole.
  4. Same thing happened to me in 2018. R207 came in but without the 200hp yamaha on backorder
  5. Wyndy

    2021 R207 Motor

    The 200hp needs 89 octane, 150 runs on 87. 200hp has 50 amp alternator, 150 has 35 amps. They weigh the same.
  6. Wyndy

    2021 R207 Motor

    I got the 200hp. The guys who bottom painted my boat this year butchered it. Lost 7mph of top end with the rough surface. Glad I have the extra power. I hit 49mph new.
  7. From website; Passenger Capacity (NMMA): 8 persons/1200 lbs
  8. The seating in the R227 made me buy the R207. Wife likes the head but I keep a half gallon jug of clean water in it due to no sink. The Garmin 742 works well for me with no new maps needed. Have the 200hp which s a newer design than the 150. Need for speed!
  9. Wyndy

    New R207

    I have a R207 with a Frontier. no problems.
  10. You should not travel at highway speeds with any canvas on the boat.
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