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  1. Wyndy

    R207 Porta-Potti

    I got bored during Covid-19 while waiting for the marina to open so I plumbed in a pump out deck plate.
  2. Wyndy

    R207 Porta-Potti

    my 2018 has a Dometic sanapottie 964
  3. the factory trailer only has the main bunks, no "front" bunks
  4. My R207 with the 200hp Yamaha did 49mph on GPS at 5,900rpm when new, bottom painted with Unepoxy. The hackers who bottom painted it this year made the surface so rough i can't get over 43mph and 5,300rpm.
  5. Wyndy

    2021 Robalo R207

    I ordered with Seastar hydraulic steering and the knob. Much easier to go back and forth when docking
  6. My 2018 R207 had the gunwale rod holders hack sawed short. Complained and they sent me new full length tubes. This week noticed boarding ladder screws missing nuts. Radio has condensation in the display.
  7. Garelick confirmed the OEM is #19676. The four step is #19677. I took some photos under the ladder recess to look at the access to add two more holes. Look at the photo, 3 nuts missing and last one held on "by a thread"!!!
  8. Wyndy

    Clarion GR10BT

    My GR10BT has condensation in the display (2018). Not high quality.
  9. From my research only, its a Garelick Eez-in. i think it is a model 19676
  10. On a related note, I have a 2018 R207. Does anyone know who is the manufacturer of the boarding ladder. I am looking for one with 4 rungs. Thanks
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