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  1. LF15

    Oil recommendations

    Thanks guys, I greatly appreciate the advice! Stay safe and well
  2. Hey guys, about to do the 100 hour service on my 2018 Robalo R202EX with F150 outboard. It’s my first boat so I want to ask what oil do you recommend? Was going to go with the Yamalube 4M but not sure on the 10W-30 or 20W-40. I live in central Florida so I run it all year, hot weather and colder temps. Thanks for any input.
  3. Thank you very much guys, Full Throttle, I like that one on Amazon that goes on the key ring. If that fits, it’ll be an awesome emergency one to have.
  4. The reason for the same question Haz is that that site seems to be offering the base plate with it, which of course I don’t need. I was hoping someone sold the plug only so I could buy a couple. I’ll check with the dealership. thanks again
  5. Hey guys/ girls, I lost a drain plug to my 2017 Robalo 202EX and I’m having a hard time finding the correct replacement. Anybody out there know where they sell these things? Do you have to go back through your dealer???????? Any help would be appreciated Merry Christmas, Lee
  6. Hey folks, hope everyone is well and getting ready for turkey day madness. Quick question, I lost the drain plug on my 2018 202ex. It’s the plastic threaded one. I’m having trouble locating one. Anyone know of any sites that sell them or should try and go through the dealer? Thanks for any help you can give,
  7. Thanks for your help fellas, much appreciate.
  8. Crash, Your exactly right. I do have to make a sharpe 90 degree turn to the right backing into my driveway. Then, after un-hitching, it does immediately shift to the right. Is this damaging anything?
  9. Haz, I appreciate the advice. I do like that wheel dock a lot too. I have to keep the boat off the payment and that would keep it from sinking down in the dirt. As for the shift, I’ll keeping chalking all the wheels too. Thanks again, Lee
  10. Hello everyone, I wanted to ask a quick question regarding my trailer to see if anyone has the same problem or advice. I have a R202ex on a twin axle trailer. When I disconnect from the truck, it immediately shifts to the starboard side. I have chalked the wheels and made sure it’s on level ground, but it will still start shifting, sometimes 1/2 foot or more. Is this normal? I even started chalking the jack wheel. Now I do turn the jack wheel side ways, because I thought that would take the strain off the boat. Should the jack wheel be straight?
  11. LF15

    R200 VHS mount?

    Hey Ronsaso, I have a R202EX. I don’t have a mounted VHS radio yet, but I did purchase a Cobra HH350 handheld. I bought it because it is bright colored and it floats. Let me know if ya mounted one yet. How far have you gone out so far? Lee
  12. Awesome, thank you Haz. I will give him a call and send some pictures. I appreciate your help and have a great day!
  13. Hello all, I have an issue with one of my trailer’s greese cap not being secure. It is coming off on one side, not loose Elton fall off but enough of a gap to where water is getting in. I’ve had the boat just over a year so I think Coyote’s warranty has expired and this is my first boat. Has anyone had this issue or have some words of wisdom? Could it be as simple as a new cap is needed? If not, I’ll take it to get checked out. Just didn’t want it to freeze up. Thanks for any advice
  14. LF15

    Corrosion protection

    Great, that helps a lot. I appreciate it Rick!
  15. LF15

    Corrosion protection

    Good deal on the silicon spray, thank you. I was referring (of course) to road hazards in regards to pulling it on the trailer. I’m in central Florida so we don’t winterize
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