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  1. Ok, I appreciate it Rick. That helps a lot.
  2. New to boating and want to eventually go offshore. Do I need a mounted VHF radio/ antenna or would a good quality handheld work ok? I have heard the range on the portables are only 3.5 miles or so but would that be sufficient to call the Coast Guard for emergencies? Thanks for any advice
  3. I appreciate the info fellas. Helps a lot
  4. Ok, thanks FullThrottle. I just got a R202 and haven’t tried to use the live well or wash down yet. So, I check and make the seacock is open, then hit the switch when I’m underway to collect water? Turn off the switch when it’s full and then you take the center tube out to drain it?
  5. Do you have to open and close the seacock every time you use the live well o4 raw water wash down?
  6. Joso, I really appreciate the info. I have been doing that static flush every time and my intention was going to be to do that as well as the running flush but like I said I sure got nervous when no water was coming out of the pilot hole. Great info and thanks again
  7. Good deal, I will set it for 3 feet. I appreciate it guys
  8. Ok, looks like the same for mine. Didn’t know what it was referred to. Thanks, I appreciate it
  9. Wow! Just 30 inches.?
  10. I have a R202. What do you think the minimum water depth is for a 20 footer? I want to set the alarm on the Simrad. I was thinking 3 feet maybe?
  11. Rtaylor, I’ll have to look into that. I’m starting to realize I shouldn’t have gotten black. It shows off every rookie mistake I make lol
  12. Hey guys, took the new R202 EX with the F150 Yamaha out today. When I got back I put the flush muffs on it and started the water. I then turned on the engine, however I panicked when I didn’t see any water coming from the pilot hole. I was terrified of overheating the engine so I turned it off. The muffs do let a lot of water escape but some SHOULD be going through the water intakes, right? Am I doing something wrong?
  13. I checked it yesterday and luckily it doesn’t appear deep at all. I couldn’t grab it with my finger nail at all
  14. Ok great, I appreciate it Rick. I’ll use the fingernail trick and see how deep it is.
  15. So, I scratched my brand new R202ex this past weekend against the wooden dock. It doesn’t appear to be deep or really into the gel coat. Anybody know of a good way to remove them?