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  1. LF15

    R200 VHS mount?

    Hey Ronsaso, I have a R202EX. I don’t have a mounted VHS radio yet, but I did purchase a Cobra HH350 handheld. I bought it because it is bright colored and it floats. Let me know if ya mounted one yet. How far have you gone out so far? Lee
  2. LF15

    Trailer greese cap question

    Awesome, thank you Haz. I will give him a call and send some pictures. I appreciate your help and have a great day!
  3. LF15

    Trailer greese cap question

    Hello all, I have an issue with one of my trailer’s greese cap not being secure. It is coming off on one side, not loose Elton fall off but enough of a gap to where water is getting in. I’ve had the boat just over a year so I think Coyote’s warranty has expired and this is my first boat. Has anyone had this issue or have some words of wisdom? Could it be as simple as a new cap is needed? If not, I’ll take it to get checked out. Just didn’t want it to freeze up. Thanks for any advice
  4. LF15

    Corrosion protection

    Great, that helps a lot. I appreciate it Rick!
  5. LF15

    Corrosion protection

    Good deal on the silicon spray, thank you. I was referring (of course) to road hazards in regards to pulling it on the trailer. I’m in central Florida so we don’t winterize
  6. LF15

    Corrosion protection

    Awesome, thanks Rick. So the silicone spray is ok for the entire engine block areas? With the exception of the air intake of course. Do you have it fully tilted up with trailering or just enough to clear road hazards?
  7. LF15

    Corrosion protection

    I’ve had my new boat for a year now so I’m getting skittle more use to it. But I do have two questions for any of you experienced boaters please. First. For corrosion protection I was going to get Yamahshield. Can I simply spray that all over the engine head? Is it ok to spray onto electrical wires and the cowling rubber seals? Secondly, in regards to the outboard. I’ve heard different opinions but do I store it tilted up or down even? I have been trailering it and storing both in the up position. Thanks for any advice.
  8. LF15

    Simrad Transducer bracket

    I managed to break my transducer off the bracket yesterday. Transducer seems fine but the bracket is broken and has to be replaced. I can’t tell if Simrad sells just the bracket alone though and can’t get them on the phone. Just wondered if anyone else ever had this issue.
  9. LF15

    How far offshore

    Awesome advice fellows, I really appreciate it
  10. LF15

    Carbon Monoxide poisoning

    That’s a good idea, I appreciate that fullthrottle. Never thought much about it before. I knew it could happen on cabin boats but wasn’t sure about center consoles
  11. LF15

    Carbon Monoxide poisoning

    Hey guys, I have been reading about carbon monoxide poisoning and have a concern since I’m new to boating. I have a 20 foot center console with a single outboard. My son likes to ride and even lay down on the stern seat a lot. Is he in danger doing that? Or is he safe with an outboard? Any advice is appreciated.
  12. LF15

    How far offshore

    I appreciate the advice Full Throttle. 40 miles would be plenty far enough for me. We were at 2 miles and several smaller boats were passing us going out beyond eyesight. I started to head out further when I noticed the seas were getting a tad rougher quickly. Having my wife and little boy on board made my mind up not to try it and head back in. Definitely need to get a PLB. Got a handheld and there’s a Coast Guard Station right at the inlet so that’s reassuring. I just wondered if the 202 with the deep hull and high gunnels would be fine several miles offshore. My boat dealer said he has been 30 miles out in one but recommend never turning off the engine if you can’t see land.
  13. LF15

    How far offshore

    Hey guys, fairly new to boating but took my R202ex 2 miles offshore yesterday and had an awesome time. It handled the seas very well, including the rough inlet getting out there. Just curious about how far you would say you could safely take a boat out that size on a good day? Is 13-15 miles a reality on a calm day with the right equipment onboard?
  14. LF15

    Bow sun shade on R200

    That looks pretty cool. I think I’ll probably order one. I don’t have the rails on my R202 but I’m sure I could find something attach I it to. We would probably use it to help keep the sun off us while anchored
  15. LF15

    Forum Name Change

    Good point Woodbiner.