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    Trolling Motor Install on R200

    Thanks so much for the info. Sounds like the performance with this set up will be perfect for me. Hopefully I wont regret not getting the Minn Kota. I never had either to compare but after reading some forums I went with the Xi5. The new Motorguide upgrade is now compatible with my Simrad and now other devices. But won't try that do the whole network thing untill next season.
  2. BoognishR200

    Trolling Motor Install on R200

    Hello, Thanks for the awesome thread. I will be following these steps for my R200.I noticed almost all installs have the trolling motor at the furthest tip of the bow. How would you say yours performed in its current postion? I aslo would not want to cover the anchor locker. You said the black end caps you bought were 1 1/4". Is it safe to say that 1 1/4" is the diameter of the bow rails? Any review on the run time? Thanks
  3. BoognishR200

    R222 bow backrests

    I recently Purchased a 2014 R200. I was told the fiberglass was too thin on this model for the bow backrests. Is this true? Does anyone with a 2014 have them or know of this issue? I was really banking on getting them. Thanks