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    Blistering problems

    I bought a used 2017 247. It was a repo and had a few cosmetic issues. I tried to transfer the warranty since the boat was not even a year old when I bought it and Robalo refused, even though I was willing to pay the full transfer fee as they specify in their warranty documents. They (warranty Dept) refuse to even talk to me so I am on my own. Everything was conveyed to me by a secretary. Luckily Yamaha honors their warranty transfer agreement so I was able to keep the engine under warranty. I like the boat but I am very disappointed with Robalo they seem to have no interest in the owners of the boats that they built.
  2. Seabytes


    I just purchased a R247. It does not have a compass. Where is the best place to mount a compass and is there an optional factory mount for the compass. I noticed the R31 has a flat spot molded into dash in front of the steering wheel to mount the compass. Thanks