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  1. Just my opinion, but I installed trim tabs on my R200ES,150 Yamaha. My hole shot is fine with 8 people on board, but I couldn’t run good without tabs especially with dual batteries on one side. Changing the prop is fine but maybe do yourself a favor and get the tabs, you won’t regret it. I installed The Bennett 9” electric. To run straight I have to have the port side 1/3 down.
  2. Hello BradentonBoater, I'd love to see some pictures and details. I have a 2017 R200ES which I believe is the same boat. Thanks Denny
  3. Does anyone know the name of the cushion retainers used for the aft seat on a R200ES. Looking for the ball and socket part that holds down the seat cushion. Like to find something where I can buy online. Thanks Denny
  4. Did you get this fixed? I was at my boat today and I have the exact same mark in the exact same place. It's probably a repair they did in the mold so I'm thinking a lot of boats have this same issue. Mine is a 2017 R200 ES.
  5. Good information thank you! In the long run I'll get a spare aluminum prop. I have also heard that if you hit something with a SS prop you have a better chance of doing more internal damage.
  6. Have a 2017 R200 with a Yamaha 150 4 stroke. I currently have an aluminum prop and thinking about getting a stainless prop. I know a lot of you got the SS prop when you purchased your boat. Looking for the proper size (numbers) and if it's really worth the money to go stainless.
  7. I have a 2017 R200 ES with 2 downriggers and run 6 lines. With 2 or 3 people it fishes fine on Lake Michigan.
  8. Denny


    I ended up adding 2 Cannon electric downriggers and installed 2' of Trax directly on the gunel. Works great and have not had any issues with the fiberglass flexing or cracking. Should have put 3' Trax on so I will probably add a 1' section to each.
  9. Denny


    Looking to add a couple electric downriggers on my R200ES. Anyone find a good place to mount them? Also looking at either Scotty or Canon, what’s your preference? Pros/Cons? Thanks Denny
  10. Denny

    Rust specs

    I just purchased a slightly used 2017 R200 (24 hours on her) and noticed what looks like tiny rust spots embedded in the fiberglass floor around the console area. Has anyone else noticed this and know of a way to get rid of it? Thanks Denny
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